AEW Grand Slam Expected To Be Biggest Non-WWE Event Since 99

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam Biggest Non-WWE Event Since 99
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AEW is expecting record numbers for their Dynamite Grand Slam Event, making it the biggest non-WWE event since 1999. Another encouraging milestone for All Elite and Tony Khan.

Biggest Non-WWE Event Since 99

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Biggest Non-WWE event since 99

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AEW Dynamite Grand Slam is expected to be a massive event. The event will be held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, which packs a whopping 19,000 fans. 

The last time a competitor of the WWE drew such a crowd dates back to January 1999. At this time, over 38,000 people showed up for WCW Monday Nitro.

While it is widely known that AEW is growing and currently is serious competition for WWE, this solidifies it. Furthermore, the promotion also enjoyed record breaking numbers in ticket sales and pay-per-view sales. 

To make the success song even better, AEW has also been doing brilliantly in merchandise sales. And the recent acquisitions have certainly contributed to that.

CM Punk for example sold more than 100,000 T-shirts since he went to AEW. And as always, AEW Dynamite beats RAW in the 18-49 demographic for two weeks in a row. 

The special moments are not escaping some big wrestling reporters either. Dave Meltzer eve called it “really significant”.

Of course, AEW did not start as big as it is now. It took quite a bit of investment and trust by the founder Tony Khan.

AEW did not really start until 2019. And while there was quite a bit of talent, the WWE hardly saw them as competition back in those days.

But now, the tables have turned and the WWE seems to be struggling to stop AEW from firing on all cylinders.

Beating The Pandemic

Ratings Pandemic

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Let’s face it. It is almost amazing AEW survived and grew as much as it did despite the pandemic.

In 2019, producing the show cost heaps of money. And unfortunately, there was no real television deal to cover the cost. 

When 2020 hit, Tony Khan finally got a return on his investment. This is when the brand signed a deal with AT&T. 

With the contract worth a whopping $175 million, AEW was officially launched. And even though the pandemic hit, AEW managed to keep fans interested despite the difficult times.

A mere two years later, Khan proudly announced that AEW was finally profitable. And there is more good news to come because the brand is also going to release its own game in 2022.

The WWE has been on the top for many years, but AEW has systematically taken fans from the promotion. Of course, with many fans no longer happy with World Wrestling Entertainment, AEW became the new place to be. 

And the best thing of all? AEW has started building its own stars!

They also have a stable of some of the top indie talent. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks being the most prominent.

Since the beginning, more stars have begun to emerge. From Orange Cassidy and Britt Baker to The Dark Order, there is someone everyone can find some common ground with.

In short, there is nothing stopping AEW becoming the biggest and the best wrestling promotion.

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