AEW Announces Owen Hart Cup Tournament, MVP Had Knee Surgery

owen hart cup tournament
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In  a nice bit of news, AEW announces they will hold an Owen Hart Cup Tournament, in conjunction with the Owen Hart Foundation. And, while he is off television, the leader of the Hurt Business-MVP-had knee surgery.

AEW Announces Owen Hart Cup Tournament

In a move that may not surprise many people, AEW announces they will hold an Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

The announcement, in partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation, can be seen here:

AEW has had a good relationship with the Hart family basically since the beginning. Owen’s brother Bret actually appeared at the first-ever AEW PPV, unveiling the title belt.

owen hart cup tournament

source: custom, @BR_Doctor twitter screenshot

Such a move, involving and memorializing Owen Hart’s legacy, is long overdue. I think most wrestling fans would agree with that.

However, given the animosity that remains between Martha Hart and WWE, there was very little chance for such an event to ever happen for Vince McMahon.

AEW, as we are regularly reminded of, is positioned as the anti-WWE. With that in mind, such a partnership leading to the Owen Hart Cup tournament?

It made sense.

Now, one thing Martha Hart has been against was allowing WWE to monetize Owen’s name and likeness.

Surely, someone might feel that Hart is doing just that, allowing Owen Hart to be used in the AEW video game. Plus, new merchandise is coming.

However-and this is something I thought WWE should have done-the partnership is with the Owen Hart Foundation. While the above press release did not explicitly state it, its a good bet that the proceeds from the merch will at least partly go toward funding the foundation.

It will be interesting to see when the Owen Hart Cup Tournament takes place. Definitely curious to see who hoists the first ever trophy, named “The Owen”.

With a couple Canadian WWE Superstars about to be free agents…could that play into things? Who knows anymore…

MVP Had Knee Surgery

Speaking of WWE Superstars….MVP may have had surgery recently, meaning the Hurt Business is temporarily closed.

WWE announced he was injured, suffering a storyline rib injury at the hands of Randy Orton.

mvp had knee surgery hurt business

source: custom, @the305mvp twitter screenshot

While getting some time off of television, MVP came out to say that he was going to have knee surgery as well.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this was knee surgery that the leader of the Hurt Business had needed for a while. 

This time off just worked out perfectly. While the report indicated that surgery may have already happened, the WWE Superstar tweeted out that it had not yet.

There’s no word yet on how long MVP would be off television. Depending on his recovery, it’s likely we see him back on television sooner than not.

Considering he’s not a critical in ring performer, WWE can take time getting him back into physical altercations.

Or, you know, use this whole thing as a great reason to actually get the Hurt Business back together, in some form or fashion.

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