10 things WWE must Fix to get its fans back
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The WWE lost a boatload of fans this past decade, and there are certainly some things the brand must fix before those fans will come back. So without further ado, here is our top ten of things the WWE must fix to regain its fans!

1. Listen to Fans

Charlotte and Alexa Bliss

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The number one thing the WWE must fix to get their fans back is also the biggest. Listen to your fans!

Back in 2018, the McMahon’s promised they would start to listen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case three years later.

Big talents have been lost and have now moved on to AEW or other indie promotions.

And with more jumping ship recently, it’s clear fans are not the only ones who are unhappy.

In short, the WWE needs to decide whether it wants to continue with one man’s opinion, or actually listen to what fans are unhappy with.

2. Nix Ideas That Don’t Work

10 Things WWE Must Fix to Get Their Fans Back

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We all know that the WWE (and most likely Vince) has a very clear opinion about things. This also applies to wrestling personas and characters.

Unfortunately, some of those ideas have killed the essence of wrestling personas. A prime example in terms of an active wrestler is Dominik Dijakovic.

Dijakovic was one to watch for me back in NXT. But now, he is far from the main event star he was supposed to be.

So, why not get rid of what they tried on the main roster and give him back his old persona that did work?

3. Get Rid Of Irrelevant Titles

24/7 Championship

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The 24/7 Championship really does not mean anything. While I was originally excited about it, that soon changed.

There is no real wrestling skill required to gain the 24/7 Championship.

And while there have been great moments, the WWE no longer has the extra talent to do anything with this.

4. Women’s Tag Team Championships Still Don’t Mean Anything

Women's Tag Team Championship

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This is a gripe I had for many years, but as always it is still the same. What value do the Women’s Tag Team Championships truly have in the WWE landscape?

First, the WWE needs to add some decent storylines to make the title mean something. Second, they also need some tag teams that actually work together.

At the moment, the landscape is ruled by tag teams consisting of singles wrestlers. Unfortunately, legitimate tag teams such as The IIconics are now gone.

5. Stop Treating Wrestlers Like Jobbers

10 Things WWE must fix to get its fans back

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I have a fundamental problem with squash matches. Even for wrestlers advertised as powerhouses.

So, it’s no surprise why I added it to my list of things the WWE must fix to get its fans back.

There is a plethora of jobbers on the current roster. Unfortunately, some of them are outstanding wrestlers with lots of potential.

Angel Garza and Drew Gulak are some of the prime examples today. And unfortunately, both these men have the potential of being main eventers. 

But unless the WWE lets go of its jobber idea, there will always be underrated superstars.

6. Where’s The Real Tag Teams?

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle

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I already touched on this subject briefly earlier. However, this applies to the tag team division as a whole.

The WWE has a tendency to throw together popular singles wrestlers as a tag team. And some of them just don’t do it for me.

There are plenty of genuine tag teams out there to use. The Viking Raiders could have easily took the lead in that regard.

Instead, the WWE chooses A-level talent for its tag team division. Orton and Riddle may have been the gimmick to start with, but now it has put the tag team division in disarray.

7. Prevent Hot Stars From Becoming Stuck

Drew McIntyre

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Many wrestlers got stopped in their tracks in spite of their popularity. Bray Wyatt, Jon Moxley, and countless others felt the ire of the WWE script writers in the past.

Now, the same thing is about to happen with one of my personal favorite Drew McIntyre. So I ask you, what point is there in building someone if you don’t provide new challenges?

Use NXT for the star power it always managed to create. However, this may be hard to do given the state NXT is in now…

8. Use Established Wrestlers

karrion Kross and Scarlett

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NXT may be in a bit of a shambles, but there is plenty of talent that could give the main roster a boost. Providing Vince does not change too much on the gimmick that is.

Karrion Kross, Johnny Gargano, and even Pete Dunne could bring some welcome changes to the main roster. Of course, NXT must continue to grow as well, but that is a problem to look at separately.

Established stars need a new challenge. What better challenge than Gargano, Kross and Dunne?

9. Keep Things Going

Roman Reigns

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The WWE is great at building momentum for stars, but they soon get in a rut. A prime example in this regard is Roman Reigns.

Roman has done brilliantly with his new character. But where are the new challengers, the evolution, or even the spice?

There are no surprises in the WWE anymore. And if any surprises do occur, you have to wait several months for them.

An exciting wrestling brand has surprises, twists, and turns. Whether you use new people or storyline plot twists, it doesn’t matter.

Predictability is the WWE’s biggest enemy right now. 

10. Build Some New Top Talent

Karrion Kross

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This is the mistake WCW made years back and it could cost the WWE dearly if they make the same one. There’s plenty of talent, but only two real standouts.

AEW banks on the brand that indie talent make for themselves. Maybe this is something the WWE needs to start considering.

Wrestlers are quite creative. And some of the best gimmicks are spontaneous.

A good example is Jon Moxley. While he did great in the WWE, he hit his ceiling quite quickly.

Once he had the freedom to do his own thing, we had quite a new Jon Moxley. This is the way forward.