WWE Considering Creative Venues, AEW Gains Big Win

wwe considering creative venues
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In an effort to keep things fresh, WWE is considering some creative venues for future shows. Plus, AEW gains a big win.

WWE Considering Creative Venues

There are rumblings that WWE is considering some creative venues for future shows.

Off the bat, it’s worth saying that this would not likely be for a future home of ThunderDome.

As COVID cases have been spiking all over, WWE officials have been concerned their current touring plans might be halted.

However, WWE is considering creative venues not because of that.

Instead, officials had an eye on the recent Major League Baseball “Field of Dreams” game, which took place in a corn field in Iowa.

As in, the very corn field that served as the diamond from that movie.

The setting was great, as was the game. So naturally, WWE wants to copy it.

wwe considering creative venues

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But how?

Other professional sports (and some college ones) have had creative venues. The NHL has held outdoor hockey games in football stadiums and on a golf course.

There was a college basketball game on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

So how about…RAW On The Roof?

The full rundown, courtesy of WrestleVotes:

So, some thoughts…

Hammerstein has a history with WWE (and ECW) and would be fun, though small. Some fans suggested the Manhattan Center, which WWE last used for a RAW Anniversary show.

Festival shows, I am luke warm on. For me, it brings up memories of WCW Hog/Road Wild.

Plus, the matches from Rolling Loud were terrible.

As for RAW on the roof of the WWE HQ? That iteration of Money In The Bank wasn’t good…and it would mean a limited (or possibly no) audience.

I’d probably embrace the Ballroom. Pass on the roof, however.

That said, there are some unique venues WWE could still consider.

For all it’s craziness, I always liked WCW Nitro’s Spring Break shows. The ring with the pool around it at Club La Vela was interesting, for sure.

AEW Gains Big Win

We all know that AEW debuted a new show last week. With that, AEW gains a big win of sorts.

The debut episode of AEW Rampage was in the top 3 of cable shows during it’s timeslot.

aew gains big win

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Ratings coverage comes to us courtesy of WrestleNomics.

As a bit more information, taking into account all the wrestling shows on during the week, Rampage did not draw too badly.

However, if it weren’t for Impact…Rampage would also have finished last.

It’s worth pointing out, in the grand scheme, that for it’s debut, the one hour show finished barely under NXT.

When considering live, same day views? Rampage did actually do better than NXT.

Reviews for the show have been pretty good. It’s not too shocking to hear that a well-done, succinct, hour long show can work well.