paige making a comeback
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The former champion has been retired for a while now, but is Paige making a comeback? Plus, Awesome Kong retires from professional wrestling.

Is Paige Making A Comeback

In a recent news piece, we talked about her WWE contract status…and here’s how it is really relevant. Is Paige making a comeback?

As of this moment, Paige is under WWE contract until June of next year.

However, she’s been effectively medically retired for a few years now.

She missed a lot of time earlier in her career due to an ailment. It seemed that would end her career at the time, but she managed to mount a brief comeback.

Now, we have to ask…is Paige making a comeback…again?

paige making a comeback

source: custom, Paige Twitter screenshot

And, if she is, or wants to…will it be with WWE?

For now, if she got cleared, it would be. Of course…WWE has been releasing folks left and right, so it honestly isn’t impossible to imagine she’s cut loose.

And, it’s not like we’ve never seen a WWE Superstar get released…someone who wasn’t medically cleared in WWE…only to pop up elsewhere and do quite well.

Plus, we’ve seen in recent years some Superstars come back after significant time away, from injuries that were initially deemed career ending.

Edge and Daniel Bryan being the most obvious two examples.

So, based on Paige’s recent comments, on WWE’s favorite streaming platform Twitch…she is prepping to make her own comeback.

Paige also said as much via her own Twitter post.

So…is Paige making a comeback? Maybe.

This one will be worth watching, especially if you were a fan of the female Superstar…or just like a good comeback story.

Awesome Kong Retires From Wrestling

In the opposite of a comeback…Awesome Kong retires from wrestling.

The decorated performer returned at the NWA EmPowerr women’s PPV on Saturday, and did so with one specific goal in mind.

She wanted to retire, and wanted to so via a segment with Gail Kim.

Per multiple reports, that is why she showed up, and got to do what she set out to do.

Kong had a long-standing rivalry with Gail Kim throughout her career. Apparently, the rivalry meant so much to her that she wanted Kim involved in her final segment ever.

awesome kong retires

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At the NWA all-female show, Gail Kim was suffering a 3 on 1 attack. Awesome Kong made the surprise return to save her rival, and then retired.

The exit caps a significant and notable career for Awesome Kong. She’s had great success almost everywhere she went.

One notable exception? Probably her run in WWE, then known as Kharma.

She came in with lofty expectations, but the stars never aligned for her in WWE. Her run was initially derailed due to a pregnancy.

Kharma returned at the following year’s Royal Rumble, but was released later that year.

Outside of that hiccup, Awesome Kong has been dominant pretty much around the world.

So, Awesome Kong retires from wrestling, and she did so on her own terms.

We wish her the best in her retirement.