Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish And 10 More NXT Wrestlers Released

NXT Wrestlers Released
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The news was broken during SmackDown, but it appears 12 NXT wrestlers have been released by WWE. And with that, fans and Superstars react to the stunning news.

Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish And 10 More NXT Wrestlers Released

Perhaps that headline seems a bit much, but when you see what came down Friday night…how can you not say Nick Khan eviscerates the NXT roster?

Fine, if you insist, perhaps that is somewhat overly harsh…but is it, really?

nick khan eviscerates nxt roster

source: custom, wwe nxt twitter screenshot

Here’s the list, from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful:

As Sapp would add to his busy Friday, he reminds us all that, with the latest cuts, WWE has now jettisoned 100 wrestlers since April of 2020.


OK, on one hand, one could argue that WWE had been hoarding talent. I’d buy that to an extent-it’s how you explain giving Mike and Maria Kanellis insane money.

It’s also how we can explain The Revival getting practically held hostage for a time.

While perhaps a good chunk of the talent released in the last 18 months or so may never be much more than mid-card talent…some names are far from it.

Aleister Black, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt and others, just to rattle off a few major names. It’s no wonder why some talent is quietly whispering that they don’t feel safe.

Now, NXT has faced the executioner, and we see some stunning heads rolling.

Bronson Reed was JUST the NXT North American Champion.

Mercedes Martinez was a relatively recent addition, and was working toward the top of the Women’s Division.

Tyler Rust JUST showed up when The Diamond Mine debuted like a month ago.

All that is even overlooking that Bobby Fish was one significant, if oft-injured, part of one of the better factions in the last several years.

It’s another stunning set of moves that has plenty of people wondering what on Earth is going on in Stamford…and when might it all end?

Fans And Superstars React

With stunning moves come responses, and we have seen fans and Superstars react.

fans and superstars react

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Some are former Superstars, but they get to react too.

For what it’s worth, another fan posted this, attributed to PWInsider…which if true, is a truly bizarre explanation.

It is worth throwing this out there…Adam Cole, one of NXT’s major players since he arrived a few years back, is on a short term extension.

Cole was reportedly at SmackDown on Friday to talk to Vince McMahon. If Adam Cole had any concerns about the roster going into the meeting, these cuts did not help anything.

I mean…if all this chaos is happening, and I am Adam Cole…and AEW really offered a contract…it’s hard not to really consider it, isn’t it?

Again, if that report is accurate, rather than cut some of that talent…in cases like Reed’s and Martinez’s…move them up perhaps?