AEW Nixed Big Angle, Reason Adam Page Isn’t Getting Title Shot

AEW Nixed Big Angle
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A title change was planned, but AEW nixed the big angle last minute. Also, Adam Page will be off TV for the foreseeable future.

AEW Nixed Big Angle

TripleMania took place last night and Andrade El Idolo had a big match with Kenny Omega. Before the title match even started, fans got a surprise as Ric Flair came out to support Andrade.

As for the match, it went in the favor of Omega as he retained the AAA title. Although, that was not the original plan as AEW called a late audible.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Andrade was supposed to win the belt. Then, he would defend it against PAC at AEW’s All Out pay per view.

“The backstory on this was that Andrade was originally going to win,” said Meltzer. “They control of Kenny’s finishes and they have to approve everything.” 

“They asked AAA to hold it off, because I don’t think they wanted Kenny doing jobs on Friday and Saturday night, so AAA is working with them.” 

“So Kenny won, so that’s what happened.”

On Friday, Omega defended both Impact Wrestling titles on the debut of AEW Rampage. In the opening bout, Christian Cage defeated Omega to win both belts.

And, the two are not done with each other. They will now meet at All Out over Omega’s AEW World Championship.

Omega has been known as somewhat of a belt collector and that is exactly what happened the past 10 months. He has been working for various promotions, taking gold left and right.

As for the AEW Championship, that might safe for a bit longer. AEW has a packed roster and putting the belt on a WWE veteran, whose career is winding down, does not leave an impression about them being the future of pro wrestling.

Reason Adam Page Isn’t Getting Title Shot

Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

When deciding on the inaugural AEW World Champion, it came down to Chris Jericho and “Hangman” Adam Page. In the end, Jericho secured the win and made history at the same time.

Since then, Page struggled to secure wins before winning the tag titles with Kenny Omega. They had a great run before going their separate ways.

Page was on the cusp of getting a World Championship match with Omega, but lost a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match. Therefore, Page will not get the title shot at All Out.

Despite all signs pointing to those two battling at All Out, that was never the plan. PWInsider noted how Page and his wife are expediting their first child. 

So, Page will be taking some time off to be with his growing family. Still, Omega vs. Page for the AEW World Championship could happen during the fall months.