Jimmy Uso Pulled TV
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Jimmy Uso was not pulled from TV, despite getting a third DUI and the reason why will make you question WWE. Also, Trish Stratus still has it as she showcased her mom bod and wrestlers were stunned. 

Why Jimmy Uso Wasn’t Pulled From TV

Only hours after RAW went off the air on Monday, Jimmy Uso was arrested for DUI. Right away, fans were wondering how WWE would handle the problem. 

Jimmy is currently being featured alongside his brother and Roman Reigns as they are the top dogs on SmackDown. Therefore, many thought WWE would write Jimmy out of the angle. 

Although, he was actually featured several times during SmackDown. And, he will compete next week.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed why he was not removed from TV. Basically, WWE is more concerned about the current storyline.

“There is stuff in the plans that they feel is far too important and they don’t want it screwed up and that’s the answer,” said Meltzer. “You would think, third [DUI], bad look — gotta pretend it didn’t happen.”

Jimmy was able to beat the last DUI charge in court. That time, the police could not place him behind the wheel and he was found not guilty. 

Although, it was a tense situation. Police footage showed Jimmy get out of his car with no shirt and size up the police before he calmed down because of weapons. 

Still, three DUI charges (even though one did not stick) is not good. It does seem that Jimmy has a problem and he needs help.

Hopefully, WWE can remove him from storyline next week. Then, he can get the needed help.

Also, it should be noted that his wife, Naomi, has deleted her social media account since the story broke. She has received plenty of love from the wrestling community.

Trish Stratus Mom Bod Wows

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When you are a member of WWE, that means traveling on the road 300 plus days a year. Therefore, some wait until retirement to start a family.

That is exactly what Trish Stratus did. After six years with WWE, Stratus retired.

Of course, like many, the WWE Hall of Famer did return for several more matches. She picked up some big wins, with her last match being a loss to Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019.

Recently, Stratus posted a picture on social media and wrote “mom bod.” The 45 year old mother of two received plenty of positive responses, including from WWE talent.

Outside of WWE, Trish is busy with her Stratusphere Living brand. They sell various fitness products and also focus on yoga.