Vince McMahon – NXT Promotions, Original 3MB Had Jon Moxley & Others

vince mcmahon nxt promotions
source: custom, Ryan Pappolla Twitter screenshot

There are rumblings that Vince McMahon may be making some NXT promotions in response to growing concerns with the state of things. Plus, can you believe the original 3MB may have had Jon Moxley and others!?

Vince McMahon – NXT Promotions

If you were paying attention on the most recent SmackDown, you noticed some new faces. Now, we’ve got some insight on these apparently Vince McMahon-driven NXT promotions.

Specifically, Vince McMahon may be making these NXT promotions to address some concerns as the company returns to the road.

That report is coming to us from the Wrestling Observer, and it is a bit curious.

vince mcmahon nxt promotions

source: custom, Ryan Pappolla Twitter screenshot

On one hand, I can understand the concerns. Especially after Bayley’s injury, some fans weren’t happy with the choice of Carmella to replace her.

It made some question some roster depth, as WWE has ridden certain Superstars hard while others have been away, injured or otherwise.

However, this move may just be pure Vince being Vince.

As we know, if Vince McMahon isn’t happy, he can make some rash decisions. Case in point, Tegan Nox on SmackDown on Friday.

After all…Nox had JUST returned on NXT’s Great American Bash a few days prior. If you knew she would be popping up on Friday…don’t have her return on NXT.

Plus, that NXT return had been well planned, as Tegan Nox was the woman behind that battery charging series of vignettes.

So, should we expect more NXT promotions?

From the sounds of things, yes. There may have been a reason for Bronson Reed dropping his NXT North American Championship, for example.

Plus, we’ve seen Karrion Kross work a dark match recently. While he’s still NXT Champion, it’s not like we’ve never seen the NXT Champion at the time on main roster programming before.

Now, one thing worth pointing out is…there had been a prior agreement of sorts between NXT and the main roster. Promotions would rarely happen without advanced planning.

After all…you have to allow the black and gold brand a chance to wrap up stories and write folks off. That agreement seems to not be so relevant now (again, looking at Tegan Nox working Tuesday and Friday).

With promotions and rumored returns…it should be an interesting next couple months.

Original 3MB Had Jon Moxley & Others

In other crazy news, could you imagine if the original 3MB had Jon Moxley and others?

It almost happened. Someone pitched it…but obviously it did not happen.

Can you imagine if we had Mox in 3MB instead of what we got-Dean Ambrose in The Shield?

original 3mb jon moxley

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Not just Jon Moxley, but reportedly Fandango and EC3 were possible options.

Heath Slater, the One Man Band himself, recently chatted on the Such Good Shoot podcast, and dropped some knowledge about 3MB.

While the idea of adding people to the One Man Band, Slater was given the chance to pick talent. He looked to NXT for ideas, and was eying the man we now know as Jon Moxley.

In addition to Mox, Slater liked EC3 and Fandango (which means it would not have been 3MB, if he got all of his wish list).

Instead, Slater was joined by Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.

At the time, the group did nothing of note. Individually, there are a couple world championship reigns in there.

But…could you imagine if the original 3MB actually had Jon Moxley and others?