Surprise Returns Threatening Bianca Belair Title Reign At SummerSlam

Bianca Belair Title Reign Summerslam
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WWE Women Champion Bianca Belair is ready to defend her title reign at SummerSlam. However, the champion does admit that there could be some surprise returns threatening her champion status.

Bianca Belair Title Reign Threatened At SummerSlam?

Bianca BelAir Summerslam Title Reign

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

While we can only guess at hints of surprise returns, Belair is not ruling out Bayley. Belair recently beat Bayley to retain her title.

During an interview with Metro UK, she stated:

I don’t know, it seems like me and Bayley have this on-going feud that’s like, when is she gonna leave me alone? [laughs] What is it gonna take?”

“Maybe Bayley’s still gonna sneak her way in there at SummerSlam. Let’s see what happens with Money In The Bank. I don’t know, maybe Bayley’s gonna sneak up in there, maybe we’re gonna have some surprise returns.”

As the EST of WWE states, Money in the Bank will play a big role in the months to come. After all, the winner could determine the championship she goes for.

If Bayley comes out on top, she might want a rematch against Belair. Or maybe the WWE is thinking about going in a completely different direction.

Either way, SummerSlam should bring us some interesting match-ups.

Going To The UK

Bianca BelAir

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

SummerSlam is just one part of a busy year for Bianca Belair. After all, the WWE is scheduled to tour the United Kingdom once SummerSlam is over.

Belair admits that the tour will be something completely new to her.be cause her call-up took place during the pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, Bianca experienced little in terms of a live crowd. Now, that is now set to change with the United Kingdom tour!

“As soon as I got called to Raw, the whole entire world shut down. My first time even being out of the country was when I was NXT and that was when we came to the UK – the first stamp on my passport!

So it’s cool to be coming back after everything opens back up and sharing that I’m SmackDown Women’s Champion with the fans.

Bianca Belair also talked about the importance of headlining major events being a black woman. This included her historic match with Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37.

“I feel like it’s still sinking in a little bit every step of the way. The way to describe it is that it’s an amazing feeling, but it’s not about my ego or anything.”

“I just feel honoured to be the person in this position. There’s been so many women that have laid the foundation and groundwork before me that allowed for me to step into this opportunity.”

I’m just honoured to be the person, alongside Sasha Banks, that was able to deliver that and put that representation out there.

In short, BelAir is doing an amazing job as the champion so far. We are excited to see what she does with her championship reign.

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