Charlotte Flair’s Title Run
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Charlotte Flair’s had quite a rollercoaster ride these past few days with her latest title run. She won the RAW Women’s Championship during the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view, but lost it the night after. 

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Charlotte lost her women’s championship last night on RAW. Most fans were pleasantly surprised when Nikki ASH cased in that MITB briefcase.

It was probably one of the shortest world title reigns in history. However, a title run is still a title run, whether it is listed at one day, or 100.

Dave Meltzer chatted about this during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio show. At a total of 11 world championship runs, the WWE might be setting her up for something huge.

Her dad, Ric Flair, is currently listed with 16 World title reigns. He’s tied with John Cena.

There’s a good chance that the WWE is building Charlotte up to beat her dad’s record. After all, she’s only got six more big wins to go.

So far, she has five RAW Women’s Championship reigns, five in SmackDown, and the Divas title is included in this count. With that said, this might not include the two times she was NXT Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair’s Short Title Reign Gets Her Closer

Charlotte Flair is an incredible WWE superstar. She’s done a lot within the business and has a ton of talent.

Not only in the ring, but on the mic too. She’s certainly a future WWE Hall of Famer.

John Cena teased a 17-time title win at SummerSlam. Still, there is a good chance the WWE is setting Charlotte up to hit that goal.

These small title reigns are certainly helping her inch up there. While it is unfortunate that this run was short, it also offers opportunities to others, like Nikki ASH, to shine in the spotlight.

Speaking of, last night’s title win for Nikki was shocking. However, just as stunning was watching Karrion Kross lose his RAW debut match.

Karrion Kross WWE RAW Debut Loss

If you were shaking your head at Karrion Kross’s booking last night, you weren’t the only fan. It was a tough call to have the new superstar lose his first official main roster match.

Charlotte Flair’s Title Run

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Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp brought this up during his RAW review. He noted that a text from an NXT source had some insight.

The source stated that there was a feeling as if “a message was sent” directly from Vince McMahon to NXT. It was also stated that VKM doesn’t care about NXT.

Other Important Observations

Karrion Kross lost his first-ever RAW match. This is a major downer for his fans.

Another interesting observation was that Scarlett wasn’t by his side. Is this temporary or a permanent thing?

Plus, what does this mean for NXT and Karrion Kross? It’s hard to say at this point.

It’ll be interesting to see how Karrion Kross is booked on NXT this week. After all, he is the champ on the gold and black brand.

It will also be interesting to see where Scarlett ends up on the main roster. Only time will tell.