Matt Riddle Sexual Assault
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Candy Cartwright accused Matt Riddle of sexual assault via some tweets back in June 2020. A lawsuit was launched. However, according to a report, it has now been dropped.

Matt Riddle’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dropped

As per TMZ Sports, WWE superstar Matt Riddle’s alleged sexual assault lawsuit has been dropped. Cartwright’s lawyer, John Chwarzynski provided a statement on the situation.

Chwarzynski noted that the parties have decided to “put this in the past”. He added that they are now “focused on the future.”

Cartwright claimed in May 2018, she and Riddle were traveling with others in a van. According to her story, Riddle asked to have sex with her.

She refused, and she stated that Matt then grabbed her by the throat, and choked her. She also revealed at that point, he forced her into performing oral sex on him.

When Riddle’s attorney, Daniel Rose, responded to allegations she stated they were “completely false”. Rose also noted an “independent female” performer was stalking Matt and his family.

At the time the news broke, WWE said they took these allegations quite seriously and were looking into them. Riddle came out in July 2020 and admitted to an affair with Cartwright.

However, he denied assaulting her. In fact, he stated he has never sexually assaulted anyone in his entire life.

In addition, Riddle claimed that Candy was starting to harass him and his circle. Matt noted that she was trying to ruin his career with these allegations.

More Information ON Matt Riddle’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Candy Cartwright’s allegations came during the #SpeakingOut movement within the wrestling business. This saw women talk about misconduct, sexual harassment, and assault they experienced while working in this industry.

The movement did not solely focus on WWE and their superstars. Promotions and wrestlers across the globe were implicated.

As per a report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful back in October, Cartwright formally sued WWE, Evolve Wrestling, Gabe Sapolsky, and Matt Riddle. She was seeking $10 million in damages from each.

The judge dismissed Sapolsky and WWE as defendants this past March. It’s not known whether Riddle and Cartwright reached a settlement before she decided to withdraw her suit. 

Now onto some good news! A WWE superstar is officially engaged.

WWE Superstar Engaged

Love is in the air! U.S. Champion Sheamus is officially engaged!

Matt Riddle Sexual Assault

Source:, Twitter, Screenshot

In fact, his “fiancée” took to Instagram this week to announce the good news. See the post below.

Sounds like Sheamus isn’t only rough and tough in the ring, but quite the romantic. He popped the big question in Ireland, at The Cliffs of Moher.


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A Fan For Life

Reports indicate that Isabella Revilla was a fan of the Celtic Warrior’s before dating. Who wouldn’t be when you look at Sheamus’s record in the WWE.

Currently a RAW superstar, he’s literally done it all in the company! From WWE Champion to Tag Title holder, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble Winner, and Mr. MITB.

Well, he’s missing the Intercontinental Championship from that resume, but Sheamus is a future WWE Hall of Famer, for sure. Soon, he’ll be adding the title of “husband” to his accolades.

There’s no word yet on if the happy couple has set a date yet. WNZ extends its best wishes to both Sheamus and Isabella on their engagement.