Karrion Kross & Scarlet Plans, Vince McMahon: AEW Isn’t Competition

Karrion Kross Scarlet Plans
Source: Saúl Alejandro, Twitter, Screenshot

Despite losing on RAW, WWE plans on making Karrion Kross a star once Scarlet is once again by his side. Also, Vince McMahon does not see AEW as competition.

Karrion Kross & Scarlet Plans

When WWE brought in Karrion Kross, they saw him as a big star. Quickly, he destroyed talent in NXT as he captured their World Championship.

In NXT, nobody has beat Kross or even come close. But, his undefeated streak has not worked on the main roster.

After a few appearances on Main Event, Kross lost to Jeff Hardy on RAW a few weeks back. A rematch was canceled after Hardy tested positive for COVID.

Apparently, the plan was for Hardy to again beat Kross. The repeated losses has people shaking their head at what WWE has planned for the superstar.

Now, Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast has an update. WWE’s idea is for Kross to keep losing on the main roster until Scarlett shows up.

The idea is Scarlett has the power to bring out the warrior or gladiator in her real-life boyfriend. Then, Kross would start securing wins left and right.

Scarlett tweeted the following as a potential tease to fans.

So far, Scarlet has not appeared on the main roster.

Karrion Kross Has Unfinished Business In NXT

On this past Monday’s RAW, Kross cut a promo on Hardy. That might have been done to keep the angle going until Hardy is cleared to return.

As of now, Kross is still a member of NXT and not RAW. He has a big match in less than a month as he takes on a returning Samoa Joe.

Those two men have been feuding for about a month now. Joe, who WWE rehired, has not wrestled in over a year because of a concussion.

Kross vs. Joe will headline NXT Takeover 36. It will take place the day after SummerSlam, on Sunday, August 22.

If Kross drops the title, it could be a sign that his time on the yellow and black brand is over. Seemingly, WWE still has big plans for Kross and Scarlett.

Vince McMahon: AEW Isn’t Competition

Source: WrestleTalk, Twitter, Screenshot

Many companies have tried to defeat WWE, but nobody has been successful. WCW came the closest during the late 1990s, although Vince McMahon edged them out.

Now, AEW is around and they have been impressive since day one. They have brought in some major names, with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk expected to appear in the coming months.

During the 2nd quarter 2021 earnings call, where WWE made a profit, McMahon was asked about AEW being competition. For McMahon, he does see AEW as a threat like WCW was.

“It’s certainly not going to a situation [like with WCW] where it’s the rising tide because that was when Ted Turner was coming after us with all of Time Warner’s assets as well,” said McMahon. “That was a different situation.” 

“AEW is where they are. I don’t know what their plans are, I only know what our plans are.” 

“I don’t consider them a competition like I would WCW back in the day. Nowhere near close to that.”

Well, we will see how things play out. WWE has been struggling in the ratings, but AEW has been doing great.

With NXT and AEW Dynamite no longer doing battle on Wednesday nights, it only helps the younger company. AEW has big goals for the next several months as they somehow manage to keep upping the game.