Triple H Gives Stark Warning To NXT Talent Going Up To The Main Roster

Triple H gives stark warning to NXT talent
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NXT boss Triple H recently gave a stark warning to his talent. But what is the warning Triple H gave to his protegees?

Alexander Wolfe Reveals Stark Warning Triple H Gave To NXT Talent

Triple H gives stark warning to NXT talent

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

During an interview, Alexander Wolfe revealed a strong warning Triple H gave to his talent. This warning had everything to do with their eventual move to the main roster.

“So you get lost in the cycle and we got warned by – especially Triple H had like a speech like okay you get called up and then you do not get used and you get out of shape and you get lost in the cycle and you get depressed. And when I got started I always had that speech in my head like you need to work, work, work, but then I got lost in the shuffle. You don’t get used and you’re mad and the world is burning and whatever.”

Unfortunately, Alexander Wolfe was one of the talents who found himself on the sidelines. However, it does seem like he learned something from the events.

“So super excited [about moving to NXT UK] because I was done sitting around in catering and just becoming fat and lazy. Which is my own fault. I was done with sitting around, I was not in a good mood.”

Things did not completely repair themselves for Alexander though, as his contract will not be renewed. Wolfe now plans on returning to the indie circuit, and in particularly the German circuit.

The Main Roster Curse

Aleister Black

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The main roster curse is no longer just a joke among fans. After all, many wrestlers who were once successful in NXT get their careers ruined on the main roster.

One example of a massive star who went down on the main roster is Aleister Black. The once-successful champion barely made television time under Vince McMahon.

To make matters worse, Aleister Black was released recently. He was released alongside another once successful wrestler, Buddy Murphy.

Like Black, Murphy is a former champion who did amazing work on 205 Live as well as NXT. But once he went to the main roster, there were no long-term plans for the wrestler.

Murphy took to social media, making it clear he had not reached the height of his career yet.

“So Today ends my 8 years with WWE! What a crazy ride! Highest of Highs, Lowest of Lows, but weather [sic] I had 3 minutes or 20 minutes I put all my effort into my performances! Nothing is harder when all you want to do is wrestle but you can’t! In my opinion I haven’t even hit my peak yet.” 

Naturally, Murphy and Black are cautionary tales at this point. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones either, just look at Andrade, Sanity, and many others.

NXT talent should heed Triple H’s warnings, but also protect their careers going forward. Maybe their talent would be honed better on another promotion? 

Time will tell which superstars will survive and which will face their release. 

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