The Rock & Joe Rogan Down To Spoke Weed, MVP’s In-Ring Return

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He may have the most popular podcast ever, but he hasn’t always been a fave of wrestling fans-but now, Joe Rogan and The Rock talk wrestling and weed. Plus, a possible Superstar is returning soon.

The Rock & Joe Rogan Down To Spoke Weed

One man is synonymous with MMA and talk, the other is a megastar. Now, Joe Rogan and The Rock talk wrestling, and we are here for the fun.

Rogan is well known for his podcast, as well as for being the voice of MMA. He also has had a pretty solid comedy career.

The Rock needs no intro.

Joe Rogan had previously taken shots at wrestling, knocking it when compared to MMA. He has since backtracked those old comments.

Now, he’s really backtracking.

If you’ve missed it, WWE partnered with A&E Television to produce some really nice biographies. Joe Rogan has been watching them, and he took to Instagram to discuss his recent experience.

His comments were positive, and he happened to catch the attention of The Rock.

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Check the interaction below.


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The Rock Seems Open To Smoke Weed With Joe Rogan

Also, in the comments, The Rock replied to Rogan about enjoying a few and talking wrestling.

“At one time, it was the best job in the world,” Rock responded. “One day we’ll get drunk (or high) and talk about it. Or talk about it first, then get f***ed up. [laughing emoji]”

Now, back to MMA. It sounds as though Rogan, over the years and through interactions and education, has a new appreciation for professional wrestling.

Is it as painful, violent and unpredictable as MMA? No, it generally is not.

But what it is, or what it can be, is entertaining.

Plus, as The Rock himself said “At one time, it was the best job in the world”.

Of course, we as fans could read into that comment a bit. Does Rock mean it isn’t the best job anymore?

For him, it may not be…after all, he isn’t doing it anymore. He’s off being one of the biggest Hollywood draws, which surely is a pretty nice job if you can get it.

MVP’s In-Ring Return

With all eyes on the road and WWE set to tour again, here’s news on a possible Superstar returning soon.

This time, it won’t be chatter about Edge (he returned Friday), or someone like Brock Lesnar or John Cena.

Though, with Edge returning Friday, we can suspect that one bigger name will be in play for a SummerSlam match against Roman Reigns.

But, that is neither here nor there.

possible superstar returning

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This time, the possible Superstar is returning from injury…but he has not actually been missing.

If anything, during his time out of the ring as an active wrestler, he’s done some of his best work ever.

That should give it away…

Yes, MVP has not been missing…but he also has not been wrestling.

That could be changing very soon.

According to a piece from the Wrestling Observer, MVP is apparently scheduled to work tag team matches along side Bobby Lashley in early August.

Whether that actually happens is anyone’s guess-a lot can change in a couple months.

However, getting MVP back in the ring as an active Superstar could provide some new angles.

Like…could we see MVP battle Lashley? Either for the championship, or perhaps because MVP costs his client the title?

There are many possibilities to consider, but if in fact MVP is making a return to the ring ahead of SummerSlam…it bears watching.

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