Is WWE Telegraphing Major Return, Reaction To Sting’s Performance

wwe telegraphing major return brock lesnar
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As we approach the resumption of live touring, is WWE telegraphing a major return? Plus, backstage reaction to Sting’s performance at Sunday’s AEW Double Or Nothing PPV.

Is WWE Telegraphing Major Return

Following this week’s RAW, some fans are beginning to ask: is WWE telegraphing a major return?

It is not an unfair question.

The reasoning behind it? Rewind to the most recent episode of RAW for some color.

The end of RAW saw Drew McIntyre defeat Kofi Kingston. By doing so, McIntyre became the #1 contender, facing Bobby Lashley at Hell In A Cell.

Both men gave promos during the show…and each of them mentioned a former WWE Superstar.

wwe telegraphing major return

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That Superstar: Brock Lesnar.

As was also pointed out by the Wrestling Observer…these shows are heavily scripted.

Or, to be blunt…most times, these promos are approved. Both men mentioning Brock Lesnar is likely not by accident.

So, we ask: is WWE telegraphing a major return?

Maybe…maybe not. The reality is…Brock Lesnar is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Every fan knows that, until he retires, he is always a call (and a massive paycheck) away. Vince McMahon loves the big box office draw, after all.

Lesnar was last seen losing to McIntyre at last year’s pre-taped WrestleMania. It was clear that, as his contract expired, he wasn’t going to come back until there were live fans.

Guess what? Live fans are returning to WWE shows in a bit over a month.

With both Superstars mentioning Lesnar…WWE may have begun planting the seeds of his inevitable return.

Not that they needed to…I think most smart fans expect a Lesnar return in the coming months.

If not for SummerSlam, then surely in advance of WrestleMania.

The notable curve ball? Brock Lesnar has ready-made feuds on both brands, for either championship.

On RAW, it’s the belt he last held. He could easily want to prove who is the better performer in MMA and WWE.

However, on SmackDown…Roman Reigns is the big bad heel…and he has Paul Heyman under his thumb. Granted, Lesnar and Heyman had no love lost when we last checked…

But, whenever WWE wants him back, he’s coming back…and it could be soon.

Reaction To Sting’s Performance

If you thought Sting was cooked when he left WWE, then check out backstage reaction to Sting’s performance on Sunday.

Sunday, of course, being AEW’s most recent PPV: Double Or Nothing.

Or, you could just check out Sting’s performance directly…

But the backstage reaction to Sting’s performance is worth it.

reaction to stings performance

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According to PWInsider, the backstage response was incredibly enthusiastic.

The report indicates that many of AEW’s stars watched as Sting and Darby Allin were victorious. Sting’s performance, including some impressive spots, got a big pop out of the boys in the back.

The reaction may not be a shock, considering the performance the aging Hall of Famer put on.

The more impressive thing is that he’s back in the ring at any level. Following a bad bump, a neck injury was discovered that surely seemed to be career-ending (that’s one reason he was retired/inactive for WWE).

Clearly, rumors of his career being over were premature.

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