Internal Reaction WWE Releases
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Anyone else still reeling from yesterday’s WWE releases? Six more superstars got to let go, and WNZ has the scoop on the internal reaction to what’s gone down this week.

Internal Reaction To WWE Releases

Wrestling media, fans, and talent are still shocked after what happened yesterday. Six WWE talents off the main roster were let go, which shook the entire company, too.

According to Fightful Select, Ruby Riott was thought to be “universally popular” among her colleagues. The report noted she was a hard worker, too.


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Meanwhile, Murphy was commended for his work ethic. In fact, even though there was nothing for him creatively, he always showed up ready to work.

There were some pitches to reunite him and Blake. This was before Wesley’s release in April, but nothing ever happened.

Some WWE Releases Requested

The report noted whether Murphy requested his release from the company. However, it also stated that some talent that was let go wanted to be released.

There’s a stacked amount of talent in these recent superstar firings. There’s a good chance that fans will see all six sometime soon wrestling for other promotions.

Speaking of releases, AEW hasn’t had to let go mass amounts of talent. However, there have been some contacts that haven’t been renewed.

Two AEW Wrestlers Gone

Due to circumstances, AEW has decided against renewing two superstar contracts. Each situation has a different story behind it.

Internal Reaction WWE Releases

Source: SeScoops, Twitter, Screenshot

First off, Shanna will not be renewing her contract with AEW. This, after allegations, surfaced around the mistreatment of extras.

As per Fightful Select, Shanna is no longer with AEW. It was known in-and-around April that she wouldn’t be returning.

According to the report, she had issues with other superstars, especially extras. There was an issue with how she treated them.

It’s important to note, there’s no specific instance of misconduct or bullying in the report. Shanna has not responded or commented on this.

It was not stated if the above were the reasons behind the decision to refrain from renewing her contract. Still, the matter probably didn’t help.

Awesome Kong Gone

Shanna isn’t the only AEW talent gone from the promotion. Awesome Kong’s AEW contract will not be renewed, either.

With that said, the reason for this isn’t quite the same as Shanna’s. Kong hasn’t appeared on AEW for about 16 months.

She took some time off to film the final season of GLOW, and due to an injury. The season of that show was canceled after two episodes, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kong was also not cleared to compete, and the Nightmare Collective (Brandi Rhodes’ stable) was split. Awesome Kong was taken off T.V., and the roster more recently.

There was a discussion that Awesome Kong might become an AEW coach. That never came about.

Then, some had hoped to organize an Awesome Kong versus AJ Kong match. Nothing came of that idea, either.

AEW and Kong parting ways was confirmed by both Fightful Select and Dave Meltzer. Awesome Kong is an incredible talent, and WNZ wishes her the best of luck as a free agent.