Interesting Collections Owned Professional Wrestlers
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AEW and WWE professional wrestlers purchased some of the weirdest things over the years. Today, we’re taking a look at the top 10 most interesting collections and strangest purchases.

Rey’s Sword Collection

Weirdest things purchased by professional wrestlers (AEW/WWE_

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Rey Mysterio is the first in our list of professional wrestlers who purchased some unusual things. The wrestler is the proud owner of a sword collection.

Mysterio has countless unique swords in his collection. This includes some unique blades from Japan as well as a sword from The Scorpion King movie.

While an ornamental sword is not that unusual to own, a unique sword collection such as Rey Mysterio’s is quite unique. 

Kofi’s Helmet Collection

Kofi Kingston's helmet collection

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Much like Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston also has an unusual collection. This WWE superstar has a helmet collection.

Kofi seems obsessed with all types of head fashion items. In fact, he refers to his collection as his “pride and joy.”

Some of the most notable items include Darth Vader’s face cover, Iron Man’s mask, and a signed Tom Brady football helmet.

Interestingly, Kofi also has a sword collection which rival’s Rey Mysterio’s. In this collection, he actually has Captain Jack Sparrow’s sword.

Matt Hardy’s Bust 

The weirdest things purchased by professional wrestlers

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Matt Hardy owns a sculpture of his own head. His wife Reby got it for him for his 40th birthday.

The sculpture was designed by Tom Spina Designs in New York. It is believed that the sculpture has a proud place in the Hardy Compound. 

In short, a weird but unique birthday present!

Mick Foley’s Christmas Obsession

Mick Foley

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Everyone loves Christmas, but probably not as much as Mick Foley. 

Foley has a true obsession with Christmas. Actually, his obsession is so great, he even has a so-called Christmas room in his house.

Inside the Christmas room, it is Christmas throughout the year. From numerous Santa Claus sculptures to toy trains, the Christmas room has it all.

I guess there are worse things to spend your wrestling money on. It is certainly original!

Drew’s FBI Ties

Drew McIntyre

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Drew McIntyre had an obsession with conspiracy theories when he was a child. It eventually led him to find the Freedom of Information Act.

Eventually, young Drew sent a letter to the FBI and requested certain documents. Shortly afterwards, the documents were delivered to his doorstep.

Naturally, Drew’s dad had some questions about why the organization was sending his young son such documents. Needless to say, it is one of the most unusual things to own for an 11-year-old child.

We wonder if Drew still has such an obsession with conspiracy theories?

Vince’s Jurassic Park

The weirdest things purchased by professional wrestlers

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Considering his wealth, it is no surprise Vince McMahon also has made some interesting purchases over the years. In fact, the WWE chairman was given something really strange.

Triple H once spotted a T-Rex fossil while shooting The Chaperone. He decided to purchase the T-Rex fossil for his father-in-law. 

Now, the WWE Chairman proudly displays the T-Rex head on his wall. Vince even stated the fossil had a special meaning to him.

According to Vince, the skull is a symbol for his “voracious appetite for life.” I think some wrestlers see it differently.

Hornswoggle’s Muppets


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Hornswoggle has a true obsession with The Muppets.

The wrestler has always been a fan of The Muppets. Eventually, this led him to build a serious collection.

Hornswoggle now sports a large collection of Muppets memorabilia and special items. At the time of his interview for Superstar Toyz, he had spent a good $6,000 on his collection.

In his collection, Hornswoggle has everything from photographs to T-shirts and busts. So, a true shrine to Kermit and his gang.

Zack Ryder’s Toy Collection

The weirdest things purchased by professional wrestlers WWE/AEW

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One of the best-known collections in the wrestling landscape is Zack Ryder’s toy collection.

Zack Ryder a.k.a. Matt Cardona spent thousands on his action figure collection.

Ryder and his friend Curt Hawkins started collecting action figures years ago. During an episode of Figure It Out, it became clear just how much they were spending on their collection. 

Zack Ryder once bought a rare Big Boss Man Action figure for $5,500. 

Needless to say, collecting action figures is a lot more expensive than most people think!

Jerry Lawler Loves Coca Cola

Jerry Lawler

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Coca Cola is an iconic brand. This did not escape Jerry “The King” Lawler either.

Jerry Lawler has been collecting Coca Cola memorabilia for many years. And since he has four garages at home, he has plenty of space to keep building his collection.

Lawler has quite some impressive items in his collection as well. In fact, one of the most original items is an old-fashioned Coca Cola machine.

Jerry Lawler also has lampshades, alarm clocks, old cola bottles, and countless other things that make his collection quite special.

Baron Corbin’s Skulls

Baron Corbin

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One of the oddest collections in the wrestling biz belongs to Baron Corbin. In fact, the wrestler has quite the unique collection.

Corbin is a collector of oddities, ranging from human skulls to medieval medical tools. He also collections expensive Rolex watches!

Needless to say, Baron Corbin takes the win when it comes down to the weirdest collection in the bunch.

Somehow, we do not see the appeal of having a selection of human bones and skulls inside a home.

And Corbin took it one step further, as he has a detailed tattoo of a shrunken head on his leg.