Jimmy Smith Joins RAW, Mike Whipwreck – Medical & Mental Issues

Jimmy Smith Joins RAW
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Since the news broke about Adnan Virk’s release many fans have wondered who would replace him. WWE recently made an announcement, and it sounds like Jimmy Smith joins RAW this coming Monday.

Jimmy Smith Joins RAW

Former MMA fighter Jimmy Smith is making the jump to a play-by-play commentator from an analyst. He’ll be joining Monday Night RAW’s commentary table this coming Monday, May 31st.

Working alongside Byron Saxton and Corey Graves, Smith will replace Adnan Virk. The WWE released Virk this past Tuesday and announced Smith as his replacement the following day.

Jimmy Smith’s Background Before Joining WWE

As mentioned, he was once an MMA Fighter. From 2010 to 2017, Smith worked as Bellator’s primary broadcast analyst.

In early 2018, he took a minor shift in his career. He signed on with the UFC in a commentary role.

This job only lasted one year. Some months after the UFC gig, Smith began working with Invicta FC.

Recently, Smith’s focus with work was his “Unlocking the Cage” show. The program airs weekdays on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation.

Lately, Jimmy Smith has been a panelist for WWE’s NXT tapings. Could this have been to help get his feet wet for this new RAW role?

Adnan lasted about two months as a Monday Night RAW commentator. WNZ wishes Smith all the best as he enters this new exciting chapter in his career.

Over to news about a former ECW legend who will no longer make public appearances. Sadly, Mikey Whipwreck is struggling with mental and medical issues.

Mike Whipwreck – Medical & Mental Issues

Mike Whipwreck recently jumped on Twitter to post an important statement. He noted that he’d be stopping all public appearances from this point on.

Jimmy Smith Joins RAW

Source: Ami Moregore, Twitter, Screenshot

The reason behind this decision was mental and medical issues. He’s also looking forward to spending more time with his family.

The full statement is offered in the tweet below. However, some of the highlighted points include not wanting to leave his kids, even for an overnight trip.

Whipwreck revealed on Twitter that his kiddos cry every time he packs to leave. Added reasons include not wanting to drive at night, as well as crippling social anxiety.

More On Whipwreck’s Twitter Statement

Mike also stated he has a hard time hearing. He noted that this has become quite embarrassing.

Added reasons for his decision include that he gets confused easily, he stumbles on his words and has intense mood swings. Major migraines and stuttering were added to his list.

Lastly, Mikey also noted that “he’s fat”, which is embarrassing to him, even though it shouldn’t be. He revealed that he can hear “Butterbean” comments while at appearances.

This is terrible on so many levels. Some fans can get cruel while in a crowd.

Regardless, while might be upset about Mikey’s decision, sounds like he’s firm on it. Whipwreck’s health (physically and mentally), plus family, should always come first.

Whipwreck currently works for AEW as a trainer and ambassador. While wrestling, he created a tremendous legacy with ECW.

During his years with the promotion, he became Triple Crown Champion. Mikey is a former ECW World Champion, ECW World T.V. Champion (twice), and ECW Tag Champion (three times).

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