WWE Chris Jericho Bounty
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Former WWE superstar Chris Jericho recently revealed he got a bounty put on him while he was on tour with the company. What did the wrestler do to deserve a bounty on his head?

Chris Jericho Gets Bounty While On WWE Tour

Chris Jericho WWE Bounty

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On AEW Dynamite, Jericho revealed that Jake Hager once saved his life. And it now appears that story was no exaggeration!

While on WWE tour, Chris Jericho actually got a bounty put on his head.

“It’s a true story. While we were in Abu Dhabi, I think in 2012. Abu Dhabi’s not like Saudi Arabia. There’s a big party scene there and it’s not like a ‘no women allowed’ type of vibe. It’s very much a cool country to go hang out in. We were at a club and some guy was being a loud mouth and I suffer fools lightly. So I walk by him and I body checked him into the wall. So I knock the guy down, and he got up and was furious.”

“Later on when we left the club, me and Jake are there, (Mike) Chioda, a couple other cats, Primo and Epico. When we went downstairs he was waiting there with a group of friends. And he said that his dad owned 27% of the country and that he had put a bounty on my head. $7 million bounty, and I’d be dead in 24 hours. I’d be assassinated in 24 hours. So then I went into Larry David mode where I was like ‘$7 million is that good? Is that a high amount? Is that an average amount? Like if I was Brad Pitt, would it be $70 million? If I was the guy down the street would it be $100? What’s it going to be?’”

How Jake Hager Saved Chris Jericho


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Despite the harrowing incident, Chris Jericho found an ally in Jake Hager. In fact, Hager stood by Jericho’s side throughout the ordeal.

“Jake was behind me as I went face to face with the assassin who threatened my life, and threatened to give $7 million to anybody who could do that. We stood up to the guys, and it was a pretty crazy 24 hours. I was a little bit nervous. Then I decided to stay in that night cause I wanted the 24 hours to go by. But of course I ended up at the club again anyways. And when I went to the club, the bouncer said ‘I see you’re still alive.’ I said ‘yeah. Should I be worried?’ He said ‘that son of a b—h says that all the time. His dad doesn’t own 27% of the country, he owns a gas station down the street!”

“So I was not assassinated but at the time we thought I might, and Jake had my back.”

Well, that could have gone horribly wrong for Chris Jericho. Fortunately, he had some good friends around him at the time.

It also explains the bond between Jericho and Hager a little better.

Curious to see what the Inner Circle does next.