10 Wrestlers Who Look Completely Different Compared To Their Debut

10 wrestler who look completely different from their debut
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WWE wrestlers usually choose a different look years after their debut. And some of these are remarkably dramatic.

Raquel Gonzalez (May Young Classic)

WWE wrestlers who look different compared to their debut

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

One of the wrestlers who has a completely different look from their WWE debut is Raquel Gonzalez. Gonzalez originally made her debut during the Mae Young Classic. 

In the beginning, she lost during the first round of the tournament. However, she quickly changed on the NXT roster.

Raquel Gonzales

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Gonzalez turned into an enforcer and debuted a new look. Eventually, this led her to championship gold. 

Raquel Gonzalez looks more confident, and it also shows in her in-ring work.

Sami Zayn (NXT)

Wrestlers who have a completely different look from their debut WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

When Sami Zayn made his NXT debut, he was a clean cut wrestler. In addition to that, he was also one of the most popular characters.

On the main roster, Zayn is completely different. Now, his look is more reminiscent of Mick Foley.

Sami Zayn

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Not all fans are on board with the new Sami Zayn. After all, most fans preferred the NXT version of the Canadian wrestler.

Sami Zayn has a very different look compared to his WWE debut these days. And some fans still miss his old persona.

Becky Lynch (NXT)

Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch has always been a big attraction from the moment she debuted. However, her look and character changed considerably over the years.

Despite being a fan favorite, Becky was often overlooked on the main roster. This was in spite of being one of the four horsewomen of wrestling.

WWE wrestlers who have a completely different look compared to their debut

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Things changed for Becky once she had a character makeover. That’s right, this Irish lady became a lot tougher.

And Lynch showed just how tough she was after Nia Jax broke her nose. Then, The Man was truly born. 

To this day, she is one of the most popular and successful women in the business.

Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Classic)

Akira Tozawa

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The following transformation is not as dramatic as some of the other wrestlers with a different look from their WWE debut. However, it is definitely a strange one.

Akira Tozawa made his WWE debut during the Cruiserweight Classic. Back then, he looked like a martial artist with matching kick pads and trunks.

However, his current look is very different. Now, Tozawa is completely dressed like a ninja. 

Unfortunately, Tozawa’s new look has done little to improve his status on the roster.

Bray Wyatt (FCW Developmental)

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

And the prize for the most dramatic transformation goes to Bray Wyatt. After all, he looks completely different from his debut in FCW Developmental.

WWE wrestlers who have a different look compared to their debut

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Bray Wyatt originally debuted as Mike Rotunda. He eventually made his debut in NXT as Husky Harris. 

When he came to the main roster, he had some success with The Wyatt Family. However, things would change forever with The Fiend.

The Fiend is a persona unlike any other in the WWE. And he has booked some great success.

Unfortunately, his current bookings could be a whole lot better.

Baron Corbin (NXT)

Baron Corbin

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Baron Corbin went through quite the transformation from NXT to the main roster as well. Originally, The Lone Wolf sported long locks and edgy ring gear.

Unfortunately, it became clear that Corbin suffered from thinning hair as he went along. Eventually, the wrestler decided to shave his head all together.

Baron Corbin

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

To match his new persona, Corbin also changed his ring gear. He became less noticeable in appearance, but more noticeable in terms of his heel work.

His in-ring work has changed completely since his NXT work. We’ll let you be the judge if it is better or not…

Io Shirai (Mae Young Classic)

Io Shirai

source: screenshot, YouTube

Io Shirai originally made her debut during the Mae Young Classic. And she looked much different than she does today.

Shirai was one of the Joshi wrestlers brought into the tournament. And she quickly formed a bond with her audience with her classic Joshi look.

She remained successful on NXT alongside Kairi Sane, with whom she formed the Sky Pirates. But things would eventually change.

Io Shirai

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Shirai turned dark, dropping her typical Joshi gear. Her entire character also became much darker.

Fortunately, it translated in championship gold for Shirai.

Alexa Bliss (NXT)

WWE wrestlers who had a completely different look compared to their debut WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Despite her popularity, Alexa Bliss has sported a number of different looks over the years. Of course, none is so dramatic than the difference between her debut and now.

Bliss originally turned up as a peppy cheerleader and quickly caught the eye of management. She even became the first NXT draft pick.

Once she went to the main roster, her fairy gimmick was over. And after a string of injuries, she eventually got under the spell of The Fiend.

Alexa Bliss

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Alexa is now a lot darker. But it also kept her in the limelight!

Rhea Ripley (Mae Young Classic)

WWE wrestlers who look very different compared to their WWE debut

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Rhea Ripley is one of the wrestlers with a very different look compared to her debut. After all, she went from sweet Australian to kick-ass Aussie.

Rhea Ripley

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Ripley’s character completely changed with her look. After all, her long locks had to go in favor of a shorter, edgier haircut.

The dramatic change certainly paid off for Ripley. She became a dominant NXT Champion as well as the Raw Women’s Champion.

Ripley is a prime example of how a look can define a wrestler’s career.

Drew McIntyre (FCW Developmental)

Drew McIntyre

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Drew McIntyre had to reinvent himself after his release from the WWE. So, he also made our list of WWE wrestlers who sport a very different look now compared to their debut.

Drew McIntyre

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Upon his return, Drew was no longer clean-shaven. Instead, he was sporting a majestic beard and he showed pride in his Scottish heritage. 

McIntyre was no longer the arrogant young wrestler that was once Vince’s chosen one.

However, the prediction eventually did come true, as Drew became champion all those years later. 

Still, the difference between clean-cut and Scottish psychopath Drew is night and day.

Let us know who you think has changed the most since their debut in the comments!

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