Tony Khan Changing Up AEW PPVs + WrestleMania 38 A Two-Day Event?

Tony Khan AEW PPVs
Source: Craig, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW may not hold as many pay-per-views (PPVs) as the WWE. However, their quarterly events are a tad long. According to an interview, Tony Khan might be changing things up a little.

Tony Khan Changing Up AEW PPVs

Wrestling fans love a good PPV. With that said, there’s nothing worse than sitting for hours on end, without a stretch or washroom break.

Viewers don’t want to miss the action. But, it’s also very difficult to sit anywhere without getting up.

Tony Khan recently paid a visit to Busted Open Radio. During the interview, he noted that he’s thinking about placing intermissions during PPVs.

Tony Khan Proposes  Final Countdown Clock For AEW PPVs 

His thoughts were to place a “Countdown Clock” during intermission. That way, AEW fans know how long they have to get up and grab a snack, etc.

The clock would be ticking as video packages run. That way, if you don’t need a break, you still have some solid entertainment.

Khan noted that if the fans like it, then it might be a good idea to implement. Sounds like it would be something ideal to break up a PPV.

It’ll be interesting to see if AEW adds this to their coming PPV, Double or Nothing. The event is set for Saturday, May 29th.

Speaking of sitting in your seat for too long, this year’s WrestleMania offered relief from this. As a two-day event, many fans loved the concept of enjoying ‘Mania over a weekend, versus one very long night.

WrestleMania 38 A Two-Day Event?

Due to the COVID-19, the last two WrestleManias have been two-day events. Extending WWE’s flagship event over two days has been a refreshing change for many fans.

Tony Khan AEW PPVs

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Still, the WWE has traditionally kept the Grandest Stage of Them All to one night. This does make for a very long card and an even longer night.

With fingers crossed, the pandemic should be a distant memory by 2022. WM 38 is scheduled for Sunday, April 3rd at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

But, could a one-night WM become a thing of the past? Not according to WrestleVotes on Twitter.

No … For Now …

While many loved the two-day concept, it seems as if the WWE powers that be are sticking to their original plan. For now, WM 38 will take place on one day, only.

Still, there’s an entire year ahead, and so much can change. The WWE Universe also needs to factor in pre-pandemic ‘Mania.

Before COVID-19 restrictions, the week leading up to WrestleMania was filled with media interviews, meet and greets, plus other events. It might be near impossible to coordinate all these things in the mix.

Plus, the Hall of Fame and NXT TakeOvers were bumped up during the week this year to allow for a two-day WM. This might be impossible to do next year, especially if WM Axxess is brought back.

WrestleMania week encompasses so much more than just WrestleMania. With all the logistics in play, it might be challenging to execute a two-day WM 38 in a post-pandemic world.