Scottish Fans Challenge Drew McIntyre To Fight While Visiting Home

WWE Drew McIntyre Scottish Fans Ayr
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WWE superstar Drew McIntyre recently admitted that he needs to deal with drunken Scottish fans when he visits his hometown of Ayr. Needless to say, being a famous wrestler is not always easy.

Drunk Scottish Fans Causing Trouble For Drew McIntyre

WWE Drew McIntyre Scottish Fans Ayr

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWE

Wrestler Drew McIntyre currently lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Kaitlyn. 

But when Drew McIntyre visits his hometown of Ayr, he actually has to deal with drunken Scottish fans. In fact, the wrestler states they always want to fight him.

” I had more trouble back home even though I am twice the size of everybody back home, ­especially in Ayr. In Glasgow, more people try to start trouble than people ever do in America and there are a lot of big dudes over here. I don’t put out any vibe that I’m looking for violence.”

Interestingly enough, Drew also states that nobody seeks to fight him in the States. Drew also mentioned how he deals with people being aggressive to him.

During the interview, Drew hints at killing people with kindness. Instead of fighting them, he would offer them a beer instead.

Naturally, Drew has to be careful with the image he portrays outside the WWE. So, he chooses to ignore any aggressive behavior from fans.

“The chances are I will buy you a drink if you’re being a bit of a wido in the bar, just to defuse the ­situation. Although I know I could probably drop them in half a second, I choose not to go there.”

Tyson Fury Match Going Ahead?


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In addition to talking about his Scottish fans, Drew also talked about his feud with Tyson Fury. If you remember, the pair has been exchanging jabs throughout the pandemic.

United Kingdom boxer Tyson Fury and wrestler Drew McIntyre exchanged some challenges online. But up to now, nothing has really happened with that.

 “I am willing to make it happen and Fury is on board as well. It’s very serious and it makes sense from a business perspective. I can take a punch but I don’t know about a Fury punch, but I don’t care as long as the event happens.”

Tyson Fury has spent some time in the WWE though. In fact, he had an appearance during a Saudi Arabian pay-per-view for the brand.

Once the pandemic is over, it is likely that the feud between Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury will take place in the wrestling ring.

Of course, we have no idea if Tyson Fury will perform in the same way as his Saudi Arabia match.

At the time of his Saudi Arabia match, Fury came under fire for showing too little wrestling. However, it was quite clear that he is primarily a boxer. 

Nothing much happened after his original appearance. So the question remains if the WWE has interest in a feud between Fury and McIntyre going forward.

We will see if anything happens after the pandemic. 

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