Kevin Dunn Disliked Billie Kay, Big Cass On House Of Hardcore Seizure

Kevin Dunn Billie Kay
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Billie Kay and her WWE departure might have been a result of Kevin Dunn. Also, Big Cass is finally opening up about his seizure that was caused by alcohol withdrawal.

Kevin Dunn Disliked Billie Kay

WWE released ten superstars this week, including Billie Kay. According to Fightful Select, Kevin Dunn did not “get” Billie.

The report noted how Dunn “saw a ceiling,” for her, meaning she would never be a star in WWE.

Several wrestlers sent out their support for the released talent. In addition, Billie was no exception and superstars sent out heartfelt messages.

Billie, who can have easily been upset, did not have anything negative to say about her departure. In conclusion, never say never in wrestling as Billie could return down the road.

For now, she will be remembered as part of the hilarious tag team The IIconics and a former Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Big Cass On House Of Hardcore Seizure

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Big Cass and Enzo were a popular duo when they debuted on WWE’s main roster. They never won gold, but fans were into their gimmick.

Like most teams, they split and Big Cass was left playing the heel. Two months later, he went down with a torn ACL on a live episode of RAW.

Eight months past and he returned as a heel. He worked with Daniel Bryan and big things seemed in his future.

Suddenly, he was released by WWE. Disobeying Vince McMahon and problems with alcohol were the reason.

While on the Indy scene, Big Cass (now going by CazXL), suffered a seizure at a House of Hardcore event in 2018. He spoke to Insight with Chris Van Vliet about that night.

Even after the seizure, he was still in denial about having a problem with alcohol. Then, he went into further details about the few memories he had from the House of Hardcore event.

Details From House Of Hardcore Seizure

“I remember doing the signing, and I remember I went to lunch with Gangrel,” said CazXL. “I remember talking with Bubba [Ray Dudley] and Tommy [Dreamer] in the locker room; going over my promo with Dreamer.” 

“I was supposed to be on right after intermission, but I had to go sign at intermission. I remember dumping my water bottle over my head [back in Gorilla]. My comb was on the table, and that’s the last thing I remember.” 

“I must have walked out to the merch table and I don’t remember anything except being loaded into an ambulance. Then, I did what I did best and lied, tried to come up with some bulls— [about going to the hospital].” 

“I said maybe I’m dehydrated or I’m not sleeping enough; it’s exhaustion. I knew it was alcohol withdrawal, but I was too embarrassed to admit that to anybody.” 

“Some people knew because I had a bottle of liquor in my bag that I didn’t drink from. But I was super embarrassed.”

At the time, CazXL and those around him denied the seizure involved alcohol. Now, CazXL feels comfortable enough to admit the truth.

CazXL went to rehab and learned he had a problem. Thankfully, he is now sober.

Recently, he has been spotted at a few Indy shows. He looks to be in phenomenal shape and now that he is in a better spot, WWE might call. 

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