Shawn Michaels Adam Cole
Source: WWE NXT Twitter

While it seems unlikely, fans are wondering if Shawn Michaels vs Adam Cole could happen after what happened on NXT this week. Also, Aleister Black may finally heading back to WWE TV.

Shawn Michaels Vs. Adam Cole?

Shawn Michaels will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. From mic work to in the ring, he knew how to steal the show.

When someone like that retires, it leaves lots of questions about dream matches that never took place. There are many matches people think would be great to book now if Michaels was still in his prime. 

A superstar that fans have wanted to see battle Michaels is NXT’s Adam Cole. In fact, the two have praised each other in the past.

That kind of talk has led to fans wanting to see Cole vs. Michaels. After Wednesday’s NXT, speculation of those two meeting continues to grow.

Michaels appeared on camera to make the Cruiserweight Championship bout at the next Takeover a ladder match. Later, in the backstage area, Michaels and Cole shared a brief glance which WWE mentioned on Twitter.

Odds Of Michaels Returning

At this point, the match does not seem likely but you never know in pro wrestling. Michaels even stated he regretted coming out retirement.

Michales return saw him team with fellow DX member Triple to battle Undertaker & Kane from Saudi Arabia. The combined age of those four was over 200 years old, so it was not great to watch.

If Michaels can be coaxed out of retirement again, there would need to be a big payday. The biggest paychecks come from working WrestleMania, one of the other Big Four WWE pay per views and cards from Saudi Arabia. 

Michaels and Cole are from different generations. Therefore, it was never possible for them to wrestle during their respective prime years.

Missing WWE Superstar Spotted

Shawn Michaels Adam Cole

Source: Wrelentless Wrestling Twitter

When a superstar is taken off TV with no explanation, it is usually not a good sign. Either they are injured, creative has nothing or they have angered someone important.

So, that bring us to Aleister Black. He last competed on the October 12 edition of RAW, losing a very short program to Kevin Owens.

That same week, Black was drafted to SmackDown, but is yet to appear. We noted earlier how Black is dealing with minor injuries, although that does not explain his almost six month hiatus.

In what could be a good sign, PW Insider noted how he has been lately spotted at the WWE Performance Center. He could be gearing up for a TV return, which would likely take place after WrestleMania.

Paul Heyman was high on Black, but when he lost some backstage power, his favorites lost their pushes. That can be seen with the likes of Ricochet and the recently released Andrade.

There was some debate if Black would even return to WWE TV. His wife, Zelina Vega, was released from the company and it did not happen smoothly.

Vega was fired for refusing to leave third party platforms. As a result, WWE made an example by letting her go.

Hopefully, Black does return and he secures a decent push.