10 WWE Wrestlers Who Defined Their Championship Reigns

WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns

While some championship reigns are quite forgettable, some WWE wrestlers define their championship belts. Today, we look a little closer at the WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns.

Neville And The Cruiserweight Championship

WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns

Before Neville captured this title, the cruiserweight championship meant very little. However, as soon as he won, Neville defined the title.

Neville is undoubtedly one of the WWE wrestlers who defined championship reigns and titles. The wrestler also underwent a transformation for this, from beloved face to true heel.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the WWE and Neville would eventually turn sour. Now, Neville has turned to AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Asuka And The NXT Women’s Championship


The woman who made the NXT Women’s Championship what it is today is undoubtedly Asuka. Not only did she put on amazing matches, she currently holds the valued “undefeated” record. 

Like Goldberg, Asuka won an astronomical amount of matches and remained undefeated for a long time. Unfortunately, an upgrade to the main roster would eventually break that undefeated streak.

While Asuka has enjoyed a resurgence on the main roster, she still has to recapture the success she had on NXT.

But in spite of that, it is unlikely anyone will beat her undefeated record.

John Cena And The United States Championship

John Cena's Rock Regret

Many wrestlers have held the WWE United States Championship over the years. However, John Cena is undoubtedly one of the WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reign and title.

For years, John Cena had a special relationship with the United States title. He even defended his title on a weekly basis on Monday Night Raw.

One could argue that nobody has truly been able to fill the shoes of John Cena where the United States Championship is concerned. And considering his status, we are not sure someone ever will.

Paige And The WWE Divas Championship

WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns

When it comes to the Divas Championship, opinions are often divided between AJ Lee and Paige. However, we chose Paige as the defining champion for a number of reasons.

Paige was the youngest female wrestler to win the championship. In addition to that, she beat AJ Lee in order to become the champion.

WWE superstar Paige was always something special. Not only was she one of the youngest women to reach the highest heights in the WWE, she also had a unique character.

Paige was far removed from the image of the normal Diva, and arguably contributed to the evolution of women within wrestling. 

Becky Lynch And The RAW Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch in the WWE

Contrary to Paige, Becky Lynch did not hit mainstream success immediately. While she did impress on NXT, the main roster took a while longer to conquer. 

When Becky Lynch turned from the Lasskicker into the Man, things took a turn for the better. She became the first woman to hold two championship at the same time.

Of course, Becky Lynch’s RAW Championship reigns were the most impressive. Featured heavily as the main woman in the division, Becky undoubtedly defined the RAW women’s title.

Stone Cold Steve Austin And The WWF Championship

Steve Austin

When you think about WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns, you cannot skip over Stone Cold Steve Austin. And when it comes to the WWF Championship, nobody made it mean more than Stone Cold.

Stone Cold Steve Austin held the WWF title on numerous occasions. But what endeared him to the crowd were his feuds with Vince McMahon.

The crowd did not want Stone Cold to lose the title in favor of McMahon. Naturally, this is what made Stone Cold so great.

Brock Lesnar And The WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar has an equal amount of supporters and haters. However, in spite of the love-hate relationship with fans, Brock Lesnar is truly the man that defined the Universal Championship.

While Finn Balor was meant to be the inaugural champ, injury would throw a spanner in the works. When Brock won the Universal Championship, it would lead to one of the most dominant reigns in history.

As time went on, a lack of appearances for Lesnar put a damper on his first dominant championship reign. Eventually, the Beast would become a shadow of his former self.

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart And The NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships

WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart are undoubtedly two WWE wrestlers who defined their championship reigns. And both women have many similarities as well as differences.

Shotzi Blackheart has stood out from the NXT roster due to her unique personality. Ember Moon on the other hand returned from the main roster after Vince failed to give her a decent push.

Put together, Blackheart and Moon became the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. And it seems that this is exactly what the doctor ordered for the career of both women involved.

The Undisputed Era And The NXT Tag Team Championships

Undisputed Era's Future

Talk about defining reigns in the WWE, you cannot forget about The Undisputed Era and their stronghold on the NXT Tag Team Championship. 

Led by Adam Cole, The Undisputed Era has made big waves in NXT. They had numerous big feuds these past few years, including one with The Street Profits.

While many wonder why The Undisputed Era has not made it to the main roster, the answer may be quite simple. In fact, Undisputed Era is quite defining to NXT as a whole. 

In other words, The Undisputed Era could remain on NXT until the AEW war is done.

Johnny Gargano And The NXT North American Championship

Possible WWE matches for Edge - Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano is an outstanding wrestler. Of course, he is also the man who has chased the NXT North American Championship with a passion.

Gargano has been the most defining champion overall. While Damian Priest and Keith Lee also held the belt, it almost seemed like an afterthought for both wrestlers.

When it comes to taking pride in being the NXT North American Champion, none have done better than Gargano. And for that reason, we do not want him on the main roster just yet. 

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