10 Wrestlers Who Surprised The World When They Beat Brock Lesnar

WWE wrestlers who beat Brock Lesnar

Over the course of his career, there are very few wrestlers who actually got to beat Brock Lesnar in the WWE. However, there were some surprising victories along the way!

Billy Gunn

WWE wrestlers who beat Brock Lesnar

One of the most surprising WWE wrestlers to beat Brock Lesnar is Billy Gunn. While the wrestler undoubtedly reached legend status, it is hard to imagine Gunn beating Lesnar in his early days.

Billie Gunn actually beat Brock Lesnar twice during dark matches. Of course, Gunn never took a win against Brock Lesnar on actual television.

Stevie Richards With Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer is one of the wrestlers who actually beat Brock Lesnar in the WWE. However, like Billy Gunn, the event was never shown on television.

The win happened during a untelevised tag team match. On one side, Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, on the other, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.

Tommy Dreamer’s television appearances against Lesnar went the same way as they did for Billy Gunn. Even with a kendo stick by his side, the hardcore wrestler could not get the best of The Beast.

Of course, Brock was built as an absolute powerhouse. At the time of the televised matches, Dreamer was nothing more than comedic relief, a true shame to the wrestling business.


Chris Kanyon

Kanyon was an extremely successful wrestler in WCW. He was even a double champion at one point, holding both the WWF Tag Team Championship and WCW United States Championship. 

While Brock Lesnar managed to beat Kanyon multiple times, Kanyon would eventually beat the wrestler during a house show in 2001. It was also a clean win, sending a strong message to the wrestling world.

Despite his victory, Kanyon did not like Lesnar at all due to Lesnar making derogatory statements about homosexuals. If you remember, Kanyon was one of the first openly gay wrestler.


WWE wrestlers who beat Brock Lesnar

Albert beat a lot of big guys in his day, but probably not as big as Brock Lesnar

During an episode of Sunday Night Heat on November 20th, 2001, Albert did beat Brock. And it would not stay with the single win either, as Albert also beat Brock with Scotty 2 Hotty in a tag match.

It is also an interesting fact that neither Albert nor Lesnar were actually exclusively signed with the WWE at the time of this match. Nevertheless, the match between Albert and Lesnar went down in history for all the right reasons.

Lance Storm

Lance Storm was very much a comedy act during his time in the WWE, even though he was one of the most skilled people on the roster. However, he did have some success after winning the Intercontinental Championship.

And Lance Storm is also on our list of wrestlers who actually beat Brock Lesnar in the WWE. But much like some of the other wrestlers in our list, Storm won against Lesnar during house shows.

Storm would later say that Lesnar was quite good and that he was easy to work with. However, he did refer to the wrestler and “frighteningly large.”

Spike Dudley

WWE wrestlers who beat Brock Lesnar

Spike Dudley was a small man, but he made big waves in the tag team division. After all, he won anything from the cruiserweight title to the hardcore championship.

And, another addition to his list of achievements is a win against Brock Lesnar. This victory happened during a dark match in 2002.

Spike Dudley ended up taking a win against Lesnar and Batista alongside Tazz. However, Spike would pay for his victory many times over in the future. 

Lesnar absolutely destroyed Spike one week before his main roster debut with a simple F5. Needless to say, it was clear which direction the WWE would be heading in with the Beast.

Mr Perfect

Mr Perfect

Mr Perfect, aka Curt Hennig and also Curtis Axel’s father, had a close relationship with Brock Lesnar. In fact, both men were friends before Hennig’s death in 2003.

Both men originated from Minnesota, which explains why the two had a bond early on. However, Mr Perfect would wipe the floor with Lesnar during a dark match in 2002.

Most of Brock’s losses actually happened during dark matches before his massive push on the main roster. And this was no different when The Beast met Mr Perfect.

Hugh Morrus

Not many people remember Hugh Morrus, mainly because he spent most of his time in WCW and the scandal that surrounded him. However, he is also one of the wrestlers who got to beat Brock Lesnar in the WWE.

Morrus was one of the first people who showed Lesnar the ins and outs of professional wrestling. He would eventually wrestle Lesnar is a dark match, during which he beat Lesnar twice.

Of course, these matches were some of the last for Hugh Morrus. Shortly afterwards, scandal would make him disappear from the professional wrestling scene. 


Two wrestlers that would make a win against Lesnar believable are undoubtedly the APA. However, not many people remember the victory in question.

APA took the win against Brock Lesnar during a match on Sunday Night Heat in 2002. Once again, this is a win that took place early in Brock Lesnar’s career. 

After the iconic win, APA would face Lesnar again with less success. The pair had to suffer not only Lesnar, but also Big Show during a tag team match!


One of the most unlikely men to ever beat Lesnar in a ring is Rico. Of course, Lesnar is not the only surprising victory he owns, as he also beat Ric Flair in 2002.

Brock would have quite a few fights with Rico in his early career. Rico’s win against Lesnar took place in 2001.

In addition to a singles win, Rico also holds tag team victories against Lesnar. In fact, he teamed up with Randy Orton to beat the Beast and Ron Waterman during a dark match.

With several tag team victories and a singles win, Rico is probably the most successful man at beating Brock Lesnar.

Considering the caliber of some of the others in our lineup, it shows what a strange place the WWE can be.

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