Kenny Omega Wants To Fight ‘Tooth And Nail’ To Work With Triple H

AEW Kenny Omega will fight to work with Triple H and NXT

AEW star Kenny Omega may have a problem with Vince McMahon, but the same is not the case for NXT’s Triple H. In fact, the wrestler admits he will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to work with the developmental brand. 

Kenny Omega Has His Sights Set On NXT

AEW Kenny Omega Triple H

One of the brains behind AEW, Kenny Omega, has his sights set on NXT’s Triple H. During a recent interview, he revealed he will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to be able to work with him.

Omega has recently earned the moniker ‘belt collector.’ The name comes from Omega’s recent title belt acquisitions across different promotions.

As it stands, Kenny Omega is the current AEW Champion. In addition to that, he recently acquired the AAA championship. 

Needless to say, Kenny Omega is not afraid to cross the boundaries of different promotions. Because of this, he is arguably one of the best wrestlers of the past couple of years.

While Kenny has been quite critical of Vince McMahon’s ‘fear culture,’ he doesn’t seem to feel the same about Triple H. He also doesn’t believe it is impossible to reach a cooperation deal with the WWE.

Difficult But Not Impossible 

During a recent interview with TalkSport, Omega stated that a deal with the WWE is not impossible. However, he does admit there are some challenges involved.

“It’s also a business and a lot of people live and die by how the business is going for said promotion. It’s difficult for a company, after weighing up the pros and cons of a talent exchange or an amalgamation or a trade or a company versus company situation – whatever – because all you can do is take a very educated guess how you’re going to come out of that.”

“Are you going to come out looking stronger? Losing money, losing prestige, losing value? I understand that there is a fear to that. To me, I always feel that if the fans win, and even if your company wins via a fraction of a percent, look, that’s a victory you never had going into an exchange or working with somebody else.”

“Who cares if a company ends up looking better. Maybe they get a little bit extra profit out of it. Maybe their five percent increase beat out your two percent increase.”

“That’s just two victories – there’s no loser in that battle. And if the fans are happy and they seem more excited to see your next weekly television show or next pay-per-view, I see that just being the start of many other victories to come because you have made a new fan, or rejuvenated an old fan into being more excited for your product.”

Looking at his statements, it is clear that Kenny Omega pays a lot of attention to fan opinion; this stands in stark contrast with the WWE.

Talks With Triple H Before AEW Formation

Triple H Sells WWE

AEW star Kenny Omega also revealed that there were talks with Triple H before AEW was actually founded. And it seems that the conversation with Triple H had a profound impact on Omega.

According to Kenny Omega, he believes Triple H when he says he is willing to work with other promotions. He also revealed that Triple H understood his thought process more.

“But from when I did speak at length with Triple H, it really felt like he understood a lot of my thought process and not only was I looking to unite and unify the world of professional wrestling and all of that, but he definitely got it.”

“The thing is, I also understand their side of things too. There’s no right or wrong way anymore in wrestling. To me, and it’s the outlook I take on everything, if we can make the fans enjoy what we do more, that’s the right way.”

If Triple H becomes the majority power in the WWE in the future, could this have a significant impact on how the WWE is run?

Could it mean cooperation between AEW and WWE?

Triple H is not on top of the WWE though, even though he is high up the proverbial food chain. But unfortunately, AEW would have to go through Vince McMahon before they get an opportunity to cooperate with NXT.

The Influence Of The Global Pandemic

Omega also had some interesting insights into the recent cooperation between AEW, Impact and New Japan. In fact, he joked that it took a global pandemic for the cooperation to happen. 

“But, for us with IMPACT, New Japan, it took a global pandemic for this to actually happen [laughs]. So who knows what it would take for it to happen on their end, but as long as they know at least on the AEW side they’ve got more than one EVP looking to make this a better and brighter place for every wrestling fan young or old and possibly the disenfranchised fan, the fan that used to be a fan but isn’t a fan anymore.”

But while AEW has started to work with promotions such as Impact and New Japan, there is one big brand missing. Until this day, the WWE seems to stay away from other promotions, unless they are buying historical footage of their own wrestlers. 

Nevertheless, Omega thinks it is very important to get the promotion on board with the recent developments. In fact, he believes cooperation with the WWE could make a huge difference for wrestlers and fans alike.

“We want to make this a fun thing for everyone and if that includes working with literally everyone, which I think would make everyone happy, then I’m all for it and I would lobby very hard for it, fight tooth and nail to make it happen.”

“Again, the wrestlers aren’t usually the ones that make those big types of decisions.”

I certainly like Kenny’s ideas, but I doubt it will happen during the reign of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Of course, never say never.

If Vince McMahon continues to ignore fan feedback, he may get to a point where he has no choice but to sell or cooperate. 

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