Rumored Superstars To Return At Royal Rumble

superstars return royal rumble

This year’s Road To WrestleMania kicks off in a most unique way, and we have reports of rumored Superstars to return at the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Rumored Superstars To Return At Royal Rumble

It’s been an annual WWE event for a long time, and returning Superstars play a big part. So what are the rumored Superstars set to return at the Royal Rumble this year?

Well, as of RAW, we already know Edge will be back. It will be his second Rumble return in as many years.

On this week’s SmackDown, Braun Strowman showed up for the first time since late last year. His return pretty much confirms he will also be among the 30 men in Sunday’s big match.

So, does WWE have some surprises for us? It seems there are a few possibilities expected.

If you don’t want to have anything spoiled, stop reading here and now.


Possible spoilers ahead, these are some rumored Superstars to return at the 2021 Royal Rumble!

One name some might hope for? Becky Lynch.

superstars return royal rumble

Lynch has been out of action since just about mid-way through 2020, when she announced she was expecting her first baby.

That baby arrived in early December, and she and husband to be Seth Rollins have been enjoying family time.

Per a report in the Wrestling Observer, a return on Sunday of Lynch is considered unlikely. It would be just about six weeks post-birth.

While Becky Lynch has been in the gym, and was working out during the pregnancy, making a return so soon after seems a bit unrealistic.

However, a return of her fiancee, Seth Rollins, seems quite possible.

Another big name that fans speculate they may see visit the ThunderDome on Sunday?

How about Brock Lesnar!

Alas, per the Observer, there’s nothing indicating he will arrive and cause chaos.

His contract expired nearly a year ago, and it’s been said that neither he nor WWE wanted him around without fans.

Now, just because there’s no reports of Lesnar in the Rumble-or even planned for WrestleMania-that doesn’t mean Vince McMahon won’t pull off a shocker.

What about Ronda Rousey?

The Baddest Woman On The Planet has not been seen in WWE in a long time. Her contract doesn’t expire until April, however.

So, there’s a chance she’s showing up Sunday, right?

Well, there’s always a chance, but even this one seems less likely.

Still, a Tweet by Rousey might give fans some hope.

So, that’s a lot of big names, all seemingly unlikely…but what about a yes?

How about a Hall of Famer?

Edge entering royal rumble

No, not Edge. We found that out on RAW.

What about Trish Stratus? She’s known to be in great shape, and she’s made some special appearances post-retirement.

So…can we expect her on Sunday?


This post by Stratus gives fans a bit of hope we might see her in the Rumble.

Ever since Edge revealed he was in during RAW, I’ve been tempering expectations.

I figure we will get a few nostalgia bits (like Stratus), but some of the bigger surprises we’ve seen in years past? Without a live crowd, those seem less likely this year.