Juventud Guerrera Goes Insane In Video, Jay White Staying In NJPW?

Juventud Guerrera Insane Video

In an insane video, Juventud Guerrera attacked WWE for not giving him an invite for Legends Night. Also, Jay White could be stuck in NJPW for a few more years if he was telling the truth about his latest contract deal.

Juventud Guerrera Goes Insane In Video

Recently, WWE held Legends Night on RAW. Nothing major happened, outside of a bunch of previous names appearing in random segments. 

There was a mix of Hall of Famers to average wrestlers who spent time in WWE. Well, it seems WWE did not invite Juventud Guerrera and he is furious.

He sent out the following promo, which is also transcribed below.

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”xZBG3t5t4CA” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

“What? What the hell? Are you serious? It was Monday Night Raw. Really? Really? Are you serious, WWE? It was Monday Night Raw. Legends Night. And I didn’t get the call.”

“I didn’t get the invitation from the WWE. What type of respect is that for the man who changed the business forever? What type of respect is that?”

“The man who has given everything in his heart looking for a second chance and this is how you treat him? And that’s how you treat the Juice? Well, let me remind you something WWE: I am not the best one. I am not the great one. I am… the juiciest!”

“Why? I’m the light and the true of professional wrestling. I am the missing link. So let’s go change. If you’re looking for ratings: Bring back the juice! Bring back the juice!”

Guerrera made a big impression in WCW and eventually landed in WWE. He was part of the Mexicools, who had a short and fun run together.

As for Guerrera, he was released by WWE for not following rules. He was told to not use certain dangerous moves and still did.

Perhaps, that is why he did not receive an invite.

Jay White Staying In NJPW?

Top Star Jay White

After day two of Wrestle Kingdom 15, there was lots to talk about. In particular, it involved Jay White’s promo after losing to Kota Ibushi for the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Titles.

Basically, White started complaining and started trashing the press area. He then announced was done with pro wrestling.

Some saw this as a sign he could be leaving. But, it might actually be part of an angle.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the early days of AEW in 2018. At the time, the startup promotion contacted a bunch of names about possibly signing. 

One of those included White, said he recently signed a seven year deal with NJPW. Therefore, he will be overseas for the foreseeable future.

Of course, there is a chance White simply did not tell the truth. When you are nearing free agency, people do anything for the best possible deal.

But, it should be noted how WWE has also has lots of interest in the Bullet Club leader. At some point, there will be a battle about which promotion signs White.