jerry lawler contract expiring

A Hall of Famer may be deparing WWE in a week-Jerry Lawler’s contract is expiring soon. Also, why is AEW leaving Daly’s Place, it’s long-time COVID home?

Jerry Lawler Contract Expiring Soon

Contracts expire all the time, but we don’t always have the specifics for WWE talent. In this case we do, as Jerry Lawler’s contract is expiring soon.

How soon?

How about January 10th.

jerry lawler contract expiring

That date comes straight from Lawler during an episode of his podcast. The reminder comes to us from Ringside News, which points out that, unless something happens quietly (or has already), Lawler may see his contract expire.

Now, this may not be that big a deal. Or maybe it would be.

The King is 71 and does not do much for WWE anymore. While Jerry Lawler does still actually perform, he does not for WWE.

The company will not clear him following his ringside heart attack. Plus, there really isn’t a huge need for the Hall of Famer to step into the ring.

So, his contract expiring-if it does-should be not that notable, right?

Maybe, but maybe not.

AEW does not take every single former WWE employee out there…but Lawler could be one they consider.

Why? Two words: Jim Ross.

Lawler, together with Good Ol’ JR, formed one of the better WWE announce teams.

It’s entirely possible that Lawler could join AEW, work a few dates a year and get to call matches with his former partner, Jim Ross.

The appeal is not hard to see. However, it is also worth asking: would AEW want to take a chance on the aging King?

After all, he has gotten himself in hot water more than once for comments that just aren’t acceptable.

It is entirely possible that Tony Khan, if given the opportunity, passes on that particular dose of nostalgia.

Why Is AEW Leaving Daily’s Place

AEW has called Daily’s Place home for most of 2020 as it worked through the pandemic. So why is AEW leaving Daily’s Place now?

It has been reported that AEW will be taking it’s shows on the road to Miami. The expectation is that AEW will run shows from the warmer city for at least a month, including their Beach Bash special.

The temperature is the key reason why.

aew star makes history

While you might think that any place in Florida is warm, it turns out it isn’t always the case.

There have been reports that things in Jacksonville (Daily’s Place) have been chilly of late, and that makes for a less than pleasant wrestling experience.

By heading south to Miami for at least a month, AEW figures to get to run some shows in a warmer area. Plans may have AEW back at Daily’s Place by March, at which point Jacksonville ought to be more pleasant for outdoor wrestling.

There was another draw to relocating AEW shows, at least temporarily.

According to the report, the thought was that it could help morale to change scenery. Following the tragic passing of Brodie Lee, leadership feels that a change of venues for a bit could help the locker room bounce back.

In the grand scheme of things, changing isn’t a bad thing. WWE did similar things, though not for the same reasons.

In the case of WWE, they moved from the Performance Center to a much better ThunderDome setup. The ThunderDome was first in the Amway Center in Orlando, but has now moved to Tampa’s Tropicana Field.