Undertaker – WWE Hall Of Fame Talk, Pat McAfee’s NXT Status

Undertaker WWE Hall Fame

With the Undertaker finally retired, talk now moves into when he will enter the WWE Hall of Fame. Also, the wrestling promotion has decided to pull Pat McAfee from TV.

Undertaker – WWE Hall Of Fame Talk

After 30 years in WWE, Undertaker is officially retired. There was tons of speculation if it was real, but he confirmed the reports at Survivor Series.

Naturally, the next question becomes what is next. WWE has spoken to the Undertaker about possibly working in NXT as a coach.

Meanwhile, it is only a matter of time before he lands in the WWE Hall of Fame. At the moment, the Hall of Fame inductions have seemingly been paused.

Because of COVID, WWE did hold the annual tradition this year. They already named several high-profile names and the belief is the 2020 class will be inducted in 2021.

The belief is those that were supposed to go in this year will be inducted virtually in 2021. Currently, there is no word if WWE will host the event during WrestleMania weekend or wait.

Basically, WWE decided to produce the event the following year. Now, fans are wondering when the Undertaker will enter the sacred halls.

According to Wrestling News, it likely will not happen in 2021. WWE is still unable to fill a venue due to restrictions and that is the issue.

Vince McMahon does not want the Undertaker inducted without a live audience. Therefore, his time will have to wait a bit longer.

Many people were disappointed that Undertaker’s last match and farewell speech had no fans in attendance. Hopefully, Undertaker gets a proper sendoff from the fans when he enters the WWE Hall of Fame.

Pat McAfee’s NXT Status

Samoa Joe Pat McAfee

One of the biggest surprises in NXT this year was Pat McAfee. The former NFL player had only worked for WWE in a host type role until this past summer.

Then, WWE shot an interesting angle with Adam Cole. During McAfee’s podcast, Cole was a guest and he got heated over comments about his size.

The entire thing was part of an angle, but it seemed legit at the moment. That led to McAfee vs. Cole at Takeover XXX.

In McAfee’s first WWE match, he showed some impressive skills. He exceeded expectations and could easily transition into being a pro wrestler.

The feud continued into WarGames, with Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era defeating McAfee’s team.

Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE has pulled McAfee from TV. The reason is unknown or if McAfee had a say. 

We will have to see if McAfee returns to the yellow and black brand. With his skills on mic and inside the ring, he has the potential to join the main roster.

With his following, it would help WWE get some mainstream coverage. In particular, with the sports networks like ESPN and FOX Sports.

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