What WWE Wrestling Fans Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

WWE wrestling fans thanksgiving

WWE wrestling fans have lots of things to be thankful this year. But which are they most thankful for?

Here is our list of top things WWE wrestling fans should be thankful in 2020.

Drew McIntyre Redeems Himself

Drew McIntyre

It looked like the end of the line for Drew McIntyre several years ago. After all, the star was released from WWE despite being Vince McMahon’s ‘chosen one’.

Things would turn around for the star when he made his triumphant return to NXT and eventually the main roster. And while it was years in the making, Drew McIntyre finally redeemed himself this year by winning a title.

Since his return, Drew McIntyre has been one of the more prominent people on the roster. The sky’s the limit for him right now!

No Shows In Saudi Arabia

WWE saudi arabia

While there are lots of things WWE wrestling fans could be thankful for this thanksgiving, coronavirus is certainly not one of them. However, the pandemic did cause one change that a lot of home base fans aren’t too sad about.

That’s right, WWE had to cut its shows in Saudi Arabia short this year. As you know, these particular shows are not exactly popular among home fans. 

Even though it is likely that the shows will continue after the pandemic, we are glad they aren’t on right now.

The Undertaker Retires

WWE The Undertaker

While we aren’t thankful we will never see the Undertaker wrestle again, we are thankful he can finally retire. After all, the numerous injuries the wrestler suffered with demand some well-deserved rest.

The Undertaker has one of the most successful careers in the wrestling business. Despite his retirement, this will not be forgotten easily. 

Taker’s retirement at Survivor Series will not be forgotten easily either. It was quite emotional, and it seemed quite final for the Phenom. 

In spite of his retirement, we do expect that the wrestler will stay involved in the wrestling world. In what role, we don’t know just yet.

Becky Lynch Will Be A Mum

Things wwe wrestling fans can be thankful for this thanksgiving

There is one thing that WWE wrestling fans can be really thankful for this thanksgiving! After all, the news was revealed earlier this year that Becky Lynch would be a mum.

When it was revealed Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins started dating, the pair became the new WWE power couple. It would not be long until the pair captured some titles either. 

As side-by-side champions, it could not get better for Rollins and Lynch. But it did!

A few months after their dating reveal, Seth Rollins popped the question to Becky Lynch. And it went even further than that! 

Soon after, Becky revealed on Raw that should would have to abdicate the title. The reason for that was because she was pregnant.

It is expected that Becky Lynch will have her baby soon. Seth will be taking some time off from WWE for the happy occasion.

We cannot wait to see baby Lynch-Rollins.

Sasha Banks Beats Bayley

The storyline between Bayley and Sasha Banks was ongoing. And the outcome of this storyline is one of the things WWE wrestling fans can be thankful for this thanksgiving.

After a lengthy title reign for Bayley, she would turn against her friend Sasha Banks. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of the end of her title reign.

Banks received a title match against her former best friend. And the two battled it out in an epic pay-per-view battle. 

Sasha Banks eventually came out victorious and became the new champion. A storyline years in the making, with a big pay-off for The Boss.

The Fiend

Bray Wyatt recently had a child with JoJo Offerman

The Fiend is the WWE character wrestling fans should be thankful for this thanksgiving. After all, he has given us countless unforgettable moments. 

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse was arguably one of the better things on WWE television this year. In addition to that, he caused a lot of intrigue with the events involving Alexa Bliss.

The Alexa Bliss turn was pure genius and made the news plenty of times. It even gave Alexa herself a new angle to her character. 

Speaking of things WWE wrestling fans can be thankful for this thanksgiving, Alexa Bliss brought us some extra good news. After all, it was revealed the WWE star got engaged to Ryan Cabrera

A few years back, Bliss broke up with Buddy Murphy. At the time, it was expected the pair would marry, as they were also engaged.

Fortunately, Alexa has found love again with singer songwriter Ryan Cabrera. So, this year is certainly a time for celebration for them. 

Lana Gets Her Moment

Lana Breakdown Hateful Messages

WWE superstar Lana had a tough year. Not only did she have to deal with hateful messages on social media, she pretty much got destroyed on the main roster.

Fortunately for Lana, the tables finally turned at Survivor Series. In fact, she was the last remaining member for team Raw.

With Lana finally coming out victorious, rumors came that the WWE star could be forming a tag team with Asuka. It was also revealed that she could become a tag team champion soon.

And while her husband Rusev is far away at AEW, things are starting to look up for the Ravishing Russian. 

A Thankful Year

2020 has been an awful year for many people. After all, the coronavirus has swept the world without discrimination.

Since 2020 has been stressful for many people with little good news, it is important to celebrate the good moments. Fortunately, we all found such moments in pro wrestling.

The sheer joy when someone reaches a new milestone in their career. Or the jubilant moments when a new addition to a family is revealed.

2020 has been an odd year, but there are still many reasons to be thankful. 

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