Chris Jericho Election Tweet

A tweet by Chris Jericho related to the presidential election has revived plenty of backlash. Also, Cody now use the last name ‘Rhodes’ again.

Chris Jericho Under Fire For Election Tweet

All Elite Wrestling superstar Chris Jericho is under fire for making remarks during the recent Presidential Election. Basically, Jericho hinted at something he considered strange about the results. 

On social media, Jericho wrote “Im not a political person, but is it strange to anybody else, that for the first time ever, we have to wait a day…2 days…5 days…10 days…to find out who won the presidential race?”

Firstly, the 2020 U.S. Elections have been unique in that mail-in voting is being widely used by voters around the country. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic which continues to terrorize the world. 

Jericho’s fellow pro wrestlers were quick to respond including Lance Storm.

“The 2000 election took a month to finally be decided,” Storm wrote. “Not exactly the first time ever. I cut promos about this in WCW.”

Big Swole also fired back saying she was “thankful” to all those that voted whether that be by mail-in or in-person.

“To my knowledge this is the second time but to answer your question; no its not strange to me,” she added. “Actually I’m pretty thankful to the citizens that are counting these votes especially during a pandemic.

“I pray they are safe & have all the help to ensure a speedy yet truthful count.”

Also, CM Punk, who is always one to get involved, wrote “iM nOt A pOliticAl PeRsOn.”

It has been an interesting political race as there is still no winner between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. 

In conclusion, not even pro wrestling can escape the 2020 race.

Latest On Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

AEW superstar Cody Rhodes is just that once more.

WWE has officially dropped its trademark over the name and the long-time pro wrestler can officially go by Cody Rhodes instead of just Cody again.

A trademark claim by WWE was ended after Rhodes agreed to abandon his own claims for Slamboree and The Match Beyond according to PW Insider. He previously did so with trademark claims for Superbrawl, Bunkhouse Stampeded and Battlebowl late last month.

During AEW Dynamite, Rhodes was introduced as “Cody Rhodes” by ring announcer Justin Roberts to the live crowd. 

Rhodes let it be known that he fought the empire in order to obtain his name. 

“You’re looking at the man, the superstar, who left the empire, went to war, and actually won,” Cody said on Dynamite. “And that pisses a lot of people off, because the truth that I speak contradicts the lies that a lot of people live.”

WWE is asking fans about using more former WCW named-events having recently held Halloween Havoc. 

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