AEW Changes Safety Protocol, Maria Kanellis Details WWE Disdain

AEW Changes Safety Protocol

After several injuries in recent weeks, AEW changes their safety protocol. Also, Maria Kanellis had no problem bashing how WWE treats their employees. 

AEW Changes Safety Protocol

As AEW’s next pay-per-view event nears, the promotion is preparing for anything and everything to happen. 

Next up on the schedule for AEW is Full Gear this Saturday. Fighter safety is a major concern for the promotion and they are improving it ahead of the event.

Tony Khan said in an interview with PW Insider Elite that they will have additional protective measures put in place. Also, Chris Nowinski, a former WWE superstar and CTE expert, will be brought in.

“I’ve added a two-way feature where the referees can talk back to us if there are injuries,” Khan said. “All communication is not only going one way, and I have encouraged referees to let us know what’s going on.”

Nowinski runs the Concussion Legacy Foundation as the CEO. The group has made major improvements in studying the brain and what it goes through during pro wrestling matches and more.

Recent Injures

During a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, Alex Reynolds was knocked out. Eventually, Reynolds was able to make it to his feet and exit the ring under his own power.

Also, Matt Hardy took a chair shot that busted him open and then at All Out he took a dangerous fall.  

Another injury was Ray Fenix, who has been having trouble with his neck and back. That can be attributed to his reckless style.

Maria Kanellis Details WWE Disdain

Maria Kanellis

Two of the many superstars that were sent packing when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit included Maria Kanellis and her husband, Mike.

Now, Kanellis is releasing some interesting information regarding both the promotion and how they treat the superstars. Basically, she is spilling the beans.

On Twitter, Kanellis sent out a series of posts revealing some detailed notes from her time within the WWE.

“No. No benefits, no vacation time, no unemployment, no union, no childcare, no retirement,” Kanellis posted .”And we pay for our own retain car, food, tolls, etc. 

“All expenses are paid by us and not reimbursed by WWE.”

Kanellis also let it be known that as independent contractors, securing healthcare for herself, her husband and their children is extremely difficult. 

“Insurance companies don’t really like insuring wrestlers,” she said.

Smack Talk Continues

“They cover injuries that happen in the ring while you work there,” she said. “BUT, the caveat is some wear and tear injuries fail after a WWE contract and that is not covered. Neither is disability.

“So, some guys/girls are permanently in pain. That is not covered.”

One of the many talking points during the Presidential election centered around healthcare between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Also, Andrew Yang has spoken about a union for wrestlers.

“Our nation is leaning more and more towards a workforce that is filled with independent contractors (Lyft, Uber, UFC, etc.),” Kanellis wrote. “And if that is what we are going to be considered we should be protected.”

She also blames executives within WWE for her release and not the coronavirus pandemic, posting “We were released because of greed.”

Since being let go by WWE with her husband, Maria has slammed company several times. The Kanellis family clearly are not fans of WWE.

And, they are not alone as others have expressed their displeasure.