Seth Rollins Riddle heat

There is some major heat between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle over remarks said by the former UFC fighter. Also, Riddle’s wife apparently called female superstars, including Becky Lynch, ‘Skinny Jiggly Fat.’

Seth Rollins – Matt Riddle Heat

It can easily be said that Matt Riddle is a heat magnet. He has been known to anger some superstars and that now likely includes Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch.

Once Rollins was drafted to SmackDown on Friday, he mentioned how he was not looking forward to wrestling Riddle. Now, a fan has come forward with a story from Survivor Series 2019 weekend.

In their account, the fan and his friends went out to eat with Riddle. During the conversation, Riddle bashed Rollins; who was also at the same restaurant with Becky Lynch and Karl Anderson.

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Becky Lynch Seemingly Called ‘Skinny Jiggly Fat’

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Then, in a now deleted Instagram post published during the same time as the fan’s account, Lisa Riddle (Matt’s wife), had some disparaging words. Basically, she hinted that female WWE superstars need to be working out more and used the term ‘skinny jiggly fat.’

In addition, she used a picture of Rollins’ fiancée, Becky Lynch. Below is a screen shot of the post and transcription of what it said.

“calling out multiple Main Roster Divas over the past couple of weeks for being straight skinny jiggly fat (not saying they aren’t beautiful, just saying SQUAT). It’s funny because there have been multiple female wrestlers that have asked to train with me. Each one of them look great in their gear. Clearly they know what they are doing (especially if they want to train with yours truly ). ALL females freaking SQUAT and go HARD! I do not have many photos of my rear end in minimal clothing besides these two. Here is a comparison of me, not caring what I look like, just trying to be strong a decent Olympic Lifter, and a mom of 3 vs two females getting paid a TON of money for how they look. Rant over”

It remains unclear if the remarks from Riddle and his wife is what led to the supposed beef with Rollins.

As for Riddle, he is somewhat of a rebel. Vince McMahon is a big fan, but he does rub people the wrong way.

In the past, he has started issues with the likes of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar

With Rollins now on SmackDown, WWE might decide to move Riddle to RAW during Monday’s WWE Draft to avoid problems. Becky Lynch is pregnant and due sometime around January, so she has been off TV since the day after Money In The Bank.