President Trump, Jorge Masvidal Taking Over YouTube

Jorge Masvidal

The campaign to re-elect President Donald Trump is once again joining up with UFC contender Jorge Masvidal.

In an endorsement of Trump, Masvidal will be featured on the masthead of YouTube on Tuesday. The video advertisement includes Masvidal giving his endorsement for Trump to be re-elected as President of the United States of America.

Why Trump Earns Latino Vote

During the video, Masvidal explains why Trump has earned the Latino vote this November in his race against Joe Biden, who served as the Vice President during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Masvidal details how he feels Trump has kept his promise to the Hispanic community. He also takes shots at Biden and other Democrats for taking the Latino community for granted.

The Trump campaign has brought in Masvidal to help with the Fighters Against Socialism coalition. He has been a key figure among the group which includes other MMA fighters.

Trump and UFC President Dana White share a long-standing friendship. White was part of the special night that saw Trump receive the Republican nomination to run once again, delivering a speech.

Trump Supports UFC

The two have also been in contact a number of times over the years. Trump gave his support for the UFC when they became one of the first professional promotions to return during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to Instapage, the YouTube channel masthead reaches roughly 60 million people. The Trump campaign made the purchase for the day back in February.

The video can be seen on the homepage of YouTube currently. 

Masvidal recently became engaged in a Twitter beef with Billy Corben.

“Who would’ve thought 17 years ago a Hispanic kid fighting in the backyards of Miami would be welcoming the President of the USA (Donald Trump) to his city?” Masvidal posted on social media.