Vince McMahon Ending Pushes

With Paul Heyman having no say on RAW, Vince McMahon looks to be ending the pushes of Aleister Black and Andrade. Also, Miro does not think WWE will hold a grudge over Lana now that he is part of AEW.

Vince McMahon Ending Two Pushes

After Monday’s RAW, it seems like some changes are underway. In particular, two superstars seem to be losing their push.

On RAW, Zelina Vega seemingly spilt from Andrade and Angel Garza. There had been trouble between all three for months and it finally spilled over.

Now, Vega is focusing on a singles career as she interrupted RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. They could do battle in a matter of weeks.

Plus, Kevin Owens got the better of Aleister Black in their first official WWE match. The loss by Black seems to tell of a coming pattern.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted Vince McMahon was not high on Andrade or Black. Therefore, they could find themselves losing their spots.

Before Paul Heyman was removed as the Executive Director of RAW, Andrade and Black were two of his favorites. With Heyman having no say about RAW’s creative, it does not bold well for either superstar.

“Aleister Black and Andrade were the two guys I was told that were really going to be in trouble because Vince doesn’t see a lot in them as compared to what Heyman saw in them,” said Meltzer.

Andrade, who is engaged to Charlotte Flair, is a former NXT Champion. Up until now, he has remained in the middle of the roster.

As for Garza, McMahon is a fan. He seems the former Cruiserweight Champion as the next Eddie Guerrero.

Black also held the NXT Championship and at one point, there was talk of him winning the 2020 Royal Rumble. Instead, he recently turned heel after Seth Rollins tried to blind him.

Miro On Possible Heat For Lana

Lana remains in character after her husband's release

Earlier in the year, the contracts for Miro (formerly known as Rusev) and Lana were nearly up. WWE re-signed Lana, but Rusev held-out before be let go during the COVID-19 related releases.

On last Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Miro debuted and cut a promo that took aim at WWE’s “brass ring.” After the promo, he stated that his feeling were true and he was not holding back.

On the Busted Open Radio Show, Miro was asked if his remarks could affect the status of Lana in the eyes of WWE management. 

“Absolutely, but at the same time, I feel like they [WWE] should be professional and they should treat it as what it is and it’s nothing personal,” said Miro. “They always say it’s nothing personal, it’s a business.” 

“Hopefully they do treat it as nothing personal. It’s a business because that’s what it is and I just hope that it won’t hurt her. I really do hope and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.”

Miro is officially part of the AEW roster and is going by the nickname “The Best Man.” As for Lana, she has spent the last two months working in a team alongside Natalya.