Gerald Brisco Reveals Release

After decades with WWE, Gerald Brisco noted how twitter how he was given his release. Also, Dominik Mysterio is getting a major push after an impressive start.

Gerald Brisco Reveals Release

For nearly four decades, Gerald Brisco has been involved in wrestling with the WWE.

That all ended with a phone call from Vince McMahon recently.

Brisco posted on Twitter that he has been let go by the WWE chairman and CEO through a phone call.

“Ok, want to get this out the right way,” Brisco posted. “Last night I received a call from WWE Chairman Of The board Vince McMahon to let me know after 36 years of dedication to WWE I am no longer need.

“I’m ok with this. I will still be around to help talent. More info will follow. Thanks.”

In 2010, Brisco took over as a scout in search of new talent for the promotion. The official release comes months after he was furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Back in 1984, the Brisco Brothers joined the WWE as a tag team to compete inside the ring. A year later, they retired and Gerald Brisco joined the promotion as an agent.

During the years that McMahon was an on-screen character, Brisco and Pat Patterson would appear alongside him as his “stooges.” Brisco even won the WWE 24/7 title and the hardcore belt during his post-fight career.

Brisco added that he has “no anger just emotions at this time.” 

The 73-year-old Brisco competed in multiple National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) promotions throughout the 1970s and 80s. In 2007, Brisco added the title of WWE Hall of Famer to his resume with his brother, Jac. 

WWE furloughed many employees earlier in the year. Some were brought back, but others were just informed of their release.

Dominik Mysterio Pushed As Babyface

Dominik Mysterio Wrestling Mask

The push for Dominik Mysterio will continue to be a big one on RAW.

Mysterio, the son of former WWE champion Rey Mysterio, Jr., is already a key figure on RAW. His first feud as a wrestler involved another former champion in Seth Rollins. 

The push for the younger Mysterio is one that has support by his popularity among viewers. PW Insider reports that Mysterio is in the Top 25 percent of the roster for being popular, including main babyface. 

“I am told his push will be continuing,” the report states. “Right now, he is considered in the Top 25 percent. He’s in the Top-3 or 4 babyfaces on the RAW brand.”

Along with working under his father to perfect his skills, Mysterio also trained under former wrestler Lance Storm. 

The 23-year-old is a third-generation superstar, as he is the great-nephew of Rey Misterio, Sr. Wrestling fans were first introduced to Dominik in 2003 when he was six years old.

WWE brought Dominik back in 2005 for a feud with Eddie Guerrero and his father. 

Dominik and Rey competed together at Payback, topping Rollins and Murphy for his first official WWE victory. Dominik also squared off with Rollins at SummerSlam in a street fight.

In conclusion, WWE had high hopes for Dominik and he has met those expectations. He has a far way to go to match his father’s success, but the potential is there.