Renee Young Leaving WWE

We have learned that Renee Young is leaving WWE after joining the company in 2012.

Renee Young Leaving WWE After Giving Her Notice Last Week

Renee Young is leaving WWE.

That stunning bit of news was announced via PWInsider on Wednesday. The site verified the news with several sources, so indeed Young is on her way out.

The move is at the same time both stunning and not.

I say it’s stunning because Renee Young was, in my opinion, a great addition to any WWE broadcast. She served a number of roles throughout her career.

It’s not stunning for a few reasons. She took a lot of flak over her promotion to the announce team (even though many supported her). 

Also, there’s this item where her husband left WWE for AEW not all that long ago. Now, that doesn’t imply that she is leaving because of him and AEW…but it may have factored into it.

Fans took to Twitter to sound off on the news

Renee Young Leaving WWE

It will be worth watching to see what Renee Young does next. She has obvious talent, so the possibilities are wide open.

She may opt to leave wrestling and work on entertainment or some other avenue. Of course, if she doesn’t leave wrestling, she has an in with AEW.

We wish her the best with whatever her future holds.

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