Vince McMahon High On Superstar, Tony Khan Teases Fyter Fest Reveal

McMahon High On Superstar

Vince McMahon is the boss of WWE, so when we say Vince McMahon is high on a Superstar…that’s a good thing. Who is the apple of his eye now?

Also, Tony Khan has said that Taz will make a significant announcement during night 2 of AEW’s Fyter Fest.

Vince McMahon High On Superstar

For a WWE Superstar, there are a few words you really want to hear. Chief among them: Vince McMahon is high on a Superstar.

That Superstar, in this instance, is none other than Matt Riddle.

McMahon High On Superstar

Surprised? We can’t blame you, considering the reports we’ve been seeing.

Ever since making his arrival in NXT, there have been several tales of Riddle clashing with other Superstars. He even has called out Brock Lesnar, and has supposedly been kept away from the WWE part-timer.

Now, however, according to Wrestling News…we are hearing that much of the alleged backstage heat was overblown.

More to the point, none other than Vince McMahon is high on the recent addition to SmackDown.

How high? Reportedly, McMahon sees the brash and rebellious Riddle as a young Shawn Michaels type.

That is incredibly high praise for the former UFC fighter. Can he live up to that hype?

While Riddle did find himself at the wrong end of some #SpeakingOut accusations, WWE has not backed off supporting him thus far.

The Original Bro had a very impressive SmackDown debut, defeating new Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles. Getting off to such a great start in the blue brand would seem to support how higher ups feel about him.

Could we see Matt Riddle main event a future WrestleMania? If McMahon truly sees him as a young HBK, you’d have to think such a thing is possible.

Tony Khan Teases Big Taz Fyter Fest Reveal

Later tonight, we get Night 2 of AEW’s Fyter Fest. With that, Tony Kahn teases a big Taz Fyter Fest reveal.

WWE Upset AEW Promo

Specifically, the head man of AEW has phrased it as a “shocking announcement”. But don’t take my word for it…see Khan’s tweet for yourself.

So, what could it be?

Given all the recently jettisoned WWE talent, it would seem that announcing a former WWE Superstar is coming on board is a distinct possibility. Perhaps this is where the Long Island Iced Z comes into play?

Some AEW fans chimed in, with this response being my current favorite:

What makes this more interesting is that AEW talent have already touched on the spoilers for the NXT Great American Bash main event-so with that out there, Khan and AEW have motivation to sway fans to their show instead.

This tactic is reminiscent of the earliest days of the WCW versus WWE “Monday Night War”, when WCW would routinely spoil the pre-taped RAW results.

We all know how that eventually worked out. While this is not a repeat of that (at least not yet), it does make you wonder.

Tune in later this evening to find out!