Sting Hopeful For One More Match

Sting Hopeful For One More Match

Have we seen the last of the legend Sting inside the ring? Maybe not.

After watching as The Undertaker was given his “last ride,” Sting noted on social media that he might be interested in the same treatment.

“Who wants to take a ‘last’ ride with Sting?” he asked in response to a post showing him on a motorcycle from back in his WCW days.

It did not take long for those around pro wrestling to answer. Renee Young wrote “You still got that jacket? Would definitely wear it now.”

Also, Kevin Nash responded with “I’m timid but if you don’t mind a little arm wrap I’m in. Just don’t go fast.”

Sting, who turned 61 years old this past March, announced his retirement after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He appeared on WWE television in 2019 to help honor Ric Flair.

This past May, it was reported that Sting’s contract with the WWE ended. Rumors of an appearance for All Elite Wrestling started to circulate at that time.


During his prime, Sting was regarded as one of the top wrestlers in the sport. He held the NWA world title and the WCW world championship a total of eight times.

After stepping away for several years, he returned to compete for Total Nonstop Action and won the TNA world title four times.

EC3 Releases AEW Tease

Ethan Carter III

It would appear as if the wrestler known as EC3 is headed to All Elite Wrestling.

Ethan Carter III, also known as EC3, competed in two seasons of NXT. He had two tenures in the WWE, with the latest ending earlier this year.

On his Facebook page, Carter released a lengthy statement. The promo appeared to serve as a tease to his next stop: AEW.

“Twitter is a sewer. I’ll put this content on here later, but for now it’s here. I’m sure algorithms will treat this post fair. #ControlYourNarrative #FreeEC3,” EC3 posted. “You can spend your whole life letting people tell you what to do, dictate your path, choose your fate. Do you decide your future or is it chosen for you? We are living in unprecedented times with lockdowns, quarantines, terror in the streets. We are living an American nightmare.

“From coast to coast, Maine to So Cal, uncensored chaos and confusion reigns supreme. You walk outside and it feels like you’re in the jungle, boy! You fear the revolt is coming to you if you don’t adhere to the group thinking.”

Carter also competed for Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling, winning the heavyweight title twice. He was also the Impact grand champion and held the WWE 24/7 title four times.

The WWE released Carter in April as part of budget cuts due to the coronavirus. His non-compete clause expires later this month.