Reason Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Didn’t Join AEW, Naomi Trends

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson seemed destined for AEW, but they instead opted for Impact Wrestling. Also, Naomi was trending on social media after another quick loss on SmackDown.

Reason Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Didn’t Join AEW

WWE worked hard to re-sign Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Eventually, both sides came to an agreement that paid the tag team well.

The goal of re-signing Gallows & Anderson was to keep them away from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Due to COVID-19, WWE had to let both superstars go.

The move upset people, especially AJ Styles, who blamed Paul Heyman for the decision. Instead of working for AEW, Gallows & Anderson signed with Impact Wrestling and will be on tonight’s Slammiversary card. 

Gallows appeared on Talk ‘N Shop radio, where he broke down the decision to join Impact Wrestling over AEW.

Reason For Impact Wrestling Over AEW

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

“It all boiled down to a business decision,” said Gallows. “They were wanting longer contracts, and AEW wasn’t prepared to do that. Once they did the match, it was an easy decision.”

He continued that he know people at the top of AEW, who thought that was where The Good Brothers were headed. While no names were dropped, Chris Jericho was reportedly upset they did not sign with AEW.

“We have other friends in that company, we don’t have to drop a bunch of names. It’s not that kind of an interview, but it’s not hard to figure out.” 

“A friend who is in a high power position there and wrestler who was like, ‘what the f— guys?’ I think that he’s still a little offended by it and my answer to him, if he ever hears this or reads the transcript, was none of this was ever personal. We appreciated the offer and everything everyone was trying to do for us.”

“It was clearly just a business decision. We’re looking at a five-year deal as opposed to a two-year deal with maybe a one-year option. When you start calculating that money and where you’re going to be in five years, especially with ‘you’re gonna be here for the full term’ and there’s plans for you after and all that. You’re stacking millions and millions and millions and millions up against, ultimately a smaller figure.

The Good Brothers joining Impact Wrestling is a nice addition for the promotion. It will be interesting to see how they are booked on tonight’s card.

As for AEW, their tag team division is one of the best out there. They have exciting names like The Young Bucks and recently added FTR the their roster.

Naomi Trends

On last night’s SmackDown, Naomi lost to Lacey Evans. The match did not last long and some are calling it a squash.

Almost immediately after the match aired, fans went to social media to vent their frustrations. Many are not happy how WWE continues to book Naomi in losing positions, despite her skills.

After an absence, Naomi and The Usos returned to WWE TV earlier in the year. The Usos have landed in the tag title picture, but Naomi has been on the losing side. 

Social media is a powerful tool, so maybe Naomi gets a renewed push in the near future.