McMahon Family Loses Member, New Start Date For Live Audiences

McMahon Family Loses Member

Evelyn Edwards, Linda McMahon’s mother, passed away last week. Also, WWE has a new start date for their return with a live audience.

McMahon Family Loses Member

Evelyn Edwards, the mother of Linda McMahon, has passed away.

Edwards was 93 years old.

Stephanie McMahon, one of her many grandchildren, shared the news with social media.

“Last week my 93 yr old grandmother passed peacefully, surrounded by people who love her,” she wrote. “One of the last things she said to me was, ‘Let there be love.’ Love is what heals us all. To anyone who is hurting or struggling, I send my love to you. #RIPMima Thank you for everything.”

Edwards was working at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina with Vince McMahon’s mother, Victoria Askew. That helped lead Vince and Linda to meet up and eventually get married.


So far, Stephanie is the only immediate member of her family to post on the passing.

Vince McMahon did note the passing of his father on July 6. He would have been 106 years old this year.

New Start Date For Live Audiences


It sounds as if the WWE will try once again to bring in live fans starting in September.

According to Wrestle Votes, that is the time table currently being discussed around the promotion.

That would also indicate that plans for SummerSlam are now off. The event typically serves as a major one for storylines in the build towards WrestleMania.

WWE attempted to bring in fans in a unique way, but an outbreak of the coronavirus hit the WWE Performance Center. Now, they are looking at giving it time before trying once again.

Previously, John Brady, the WWE’s Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales and Partnerships, discussed plans.

“Yeah look, first of all, if people will open arenas safely, we’re ready,” Brady told Pro Sports podcast. “Our Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has said we’re ready to go and entertain and put smiles on people’s faces so we look forward to the next step in the transition.

“When we’re in the time of reduced travel, we’re just trying to produce content. Deliver content. Give fans the ability to ingest content. We’ve just had to pivot and evolve based on the realities of this global pandemic.”

The lack of live fans has caused WWE to make changes. Originally, they aired their content inside an empty Performance Center.

Then, they started to add some of the unknown NXT names to bring some noise. Unfortunately, people are starting to now test positive for the virus.