FTR Has Handshake AEW Deal, Tony Khan On Recent Suspensions

ftr handshake AEW deal

We all knew it was just a matter of time before FTR showed up on AEW, but we didn’t know they’d do it without a real deal. We’ve got some news on the FTR handshake AEW deal.

Also, Tony Khan addresses the suspensions of some AEW talent.

FTR Has Handshake AEW Deal

Anyone who watches wrestling has known for a year that FTR was going to head to AEW as soon as they could. Now, we have news on the surprising FTR handshake AEW deal.

That’s right folks. Apparently the team formerly known as The Revival don’t have typical contractual arrangements in place.

ftr handshake AEW deal

The pair spoke on the WINCLY podcast recently, and in doing so provided new details about their arrangement.

Dax Hardwood termed it “sort of a handshake agreement”, saying that really the only restrictions they have in place are due to the ongoing pandemic.

AEW has built a reputation among it’s talent for allowing them to continue working outside of AEW, and for FTR that will also be true.

Right now, the tag team can’t take advantage of any other potential bookings simply due to coronavirus related restrictions. 

There seems to be a great deal of trust between the team and AEW, which does seem quite different from what The Revival dealt with in WWE.

Tony Khan On Recent Suspensions

Recently, two AEW stars were suspended as a result of the #SpeakingOut movement. Tony Khan has taken time to address these suspensions.

AEW suspended both Jimmy Havoc and Sammy Guevara as a result of information made very public recently. Tony Khan spoke with the New York Post about the suspensions and what’s happening with both men.

AEW's Treatment Of Staff

Khan was decisive about his handling of things. Both men earned their suspensions, though the man in charge of AEW acknowledged that each is a different set of circumstances.

What is likely encouraging is that, rather than destroy them both and be done with them, Khan indicated that AEW has worked with each individual to get them the appropriate counseling they require.

Whether or not that counseling actually helps remains to be seen, but has to be encouraging.

Khan pointed out how bad things were (specifically referencing Guevara’s comments about Sasha Banks), but seemed hopeful that, with help, both could be back.

Khan is not concerned with getting either man back into an AEW ring right now. Instead, the focus is on getting them the help they need so that they don’t make the same mistakes again.

He made no apologies for either person. Based on his words and actions it does appear that Tony Khan is a believer in giving people another chance.

It seems clear that, whether or not either man works in AEW again is entirely up to them. If they see their counseling through and show they will do better, I’d expect we would see them back.

It’s at least refreshing to see another wrestling company provide support to their wrestlers.