Sami Zayn's TV Return

Sami Zayn’s TV return could already be in the works. Also, Undertaker has picked the four wrestlers he would put on Mount Rushmore. 

Sami Zayn’s TV Return

When COVID-19 began to spread quickly across the world, WWE was forced to make drastic changes. Now, all their shows come from the Performance Center and there is no crowd of actual fans.

WWE told their employees they did not have to work if they had concerns. Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn took the company up on their offer.

For Reigns, he made the decision due his battles with leukemia. The disease caused him to have a weak immunity system towards viruses.

As for Sami, he simply wanted to keep a safe distance. Meanwhile, he was the International Champion and WWE had to remove the title due to inactivity.

Last time fans saw Sami was at WrestleMania 36. On that occasion, he successfully defended is title against Daniel Bryan.

For the future, Sami could be headed back to SmackDown. There is a rumor that he would be involved in the Jeff Hardy – Sheamus angle.

The idea would be that Sami actually hit Elias with a car and tired to frame Sheamus. The person who hit Hardy had red hair and black clothing, which matches Sami.

In summary, Sami will eventually need to return back to work. Therefore, jumping right into a program with Hardy sounds like good business. 

Undertaker’s Mount Rushmore

The Undertaker Shawn Michaels

A common game wrestlers and fans like to play is fantasy Mount Rushmore. Basically, you pick the top four people that helped shape pro wrestling.

For many, the Undertaker is frequently mentioned. His loyalty to the business and ability to evolve for 30 years keeps people invested.

When speaking with, Undertaker was asked to name the top four wrestlers. Of course, he did not include himself.

“You got to have [Ric] Flair,” said Undertaker. “You got to have [Hulk] Hogan and Stone Cold [Steve Austin].”

“That fourth one’s tough. It could be Harley [Race]. Could be Dusty [Rhodes]. It could be Bruno [Sammartino]. And I base that on contributions to the business.”

“Not so much if they were a great worker or this or that, but… Oh, I know my fourth, it’s Andre [The Giant]. I don’t know why I forgot Andre. So yeah, it would probably be Flair, Hogan, Stone Cold and Andre.”

Besides those listed, Undertaker debated adding Harley Race, Bruno Sammartino and Dusty Rhodes.

Looking at the names selected, Undertaker found some of the best wrestlers who made the business, Also, a classy move on his part to not be added.

After watching the current WWE Network series on the Undertaker, “The Deadman” clearly deserves a spot. Many people have said during the documentary series that he earned a spot.

When Vince McMahon was asked what Undertaker meant to the business, he had them cut the camera. McMahon was so taken back, he could barely hold his tears in.