Martha Hart Calls WWE Hall Of Fame Garbage, Bret Hart Comments

Martha Hart WWE Garbage

If Martha Hart has a say, Owen Hart will never enter the WWE Hall of Fame. She recently called their hallowed ground garbage and Bret Hart responded.

Martha Hart Calls WWE Hall Of Fame Garbage

For over two decades, many have called for Owen Hart to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. The biggest issue was and remains his widow, Martha Hart.

Owen’s name has been mentioned a lot lately due to the Dark Side of the Ring. Season two concluded with the death of Owen in 1999.

Martha spoke to CBS and is still not happy with WWE or the Hart Family. She went to call the WWE Hall of Fame ‘garbage.’

“There’s always been this talk that, ‘Oh, we want to put Owen in the Hall of Fame,’” said Martha Hart to CBS. “Their Hall of Fame?” 

“They don’t even have a Hallway of Fame. It doesn’t exist. There’s nothing. It’s a fake entity. There’s nothing real or tangible.”

“It’s just an event they have to make money. They put it on TV and have a celebration, and it’s just so ridiculous. I would never even entertain it. It’s garbage.”

Backstory About Owen Hart’s Death

Back at Over the Edge, Owen would fall roughly 70 feet while making an entrance from the rafters. Despite the accident, the pay per view finished. 

Fans were told during the broadcast that Owen had passed away at a local hospital due to the accident. To this day, some claim Owen died on impact.

Martha sued WWE on two occasions. A wrongful death lawsuit was settled for $18 million in November 2000.

Then, in 2010, another lawsuit was filed for using Owen’s name and likeness in the Hart & Soul DVD. That was also settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money

For the first time in over 20 years, Owen merchandise was released. Although, the t-shirt is not being sold through WWE.

The relationship between WWE and Martha seems unfixable. It has been that way for so long, that the feeling like will not go away.

Bret Hart Comments

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Owen’s older brother, Bret Hart, has pushed for Owen to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. He was able to forgive Vince McMahon.

As for Martha and Bret, they have a strained relationship. The more time that passes, the deeper the resent goes.

Bret was direct with the following message towards Martha’s recent comments.

“While I am not interested in engaging in any more media mudslinging between Martha and myself especially in light of a global pandemic, I will say that our fallout is multifaceted,” said Bret Hart. “To say that it only involved being able to access and use my WWE footage and photos for future projects would merely be an oversimplification and inaccurate. I will not comment any further on the matter.”

Some Fans Agree With Bret Hart

Others Side With Martha Hart