WWE's Jeff Hardy Plans

What are WWE’s Jeff Hardy plans? We may find out soon. Also, what is going on with Brock Lesnar? The former champion’s future is cloudy.

WWE’s Jeff Hardy Plans

In recent weeks, WWE has been running vignettes building up Jeff Hardy. So it’s fair to as: what are WWE’s Jeff Hardy plans?

While at one point, before all the hype videos had been run, WWE reportedly considered Hardy for a major role, things have gone a little different now.

If you are playing along at home and guessed “a match with Sheamus”, you’d probably be right.

According to Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer, that’s the current program being built toward.

WWE's Jeff Hardy Plans

So why Sheamus?

If you’ve been watching recent episodes of SmackDown, this makes sense. WWE has been airing the Hardy vignettes near matches featuring Sheamus.

The Celtic Warrior has repeatedly taken offense to the vignettes airing, and has directed his displeasure to the announce team.

It will be interesting to see how things come to a boiling point. For now, Hardy has only been present via the video packages.

It seems like a logical next step that Sheamus may get a little physical with an announcer, at which point Jeff Hardy could come in, make the save and lay the groundwork for a match.

Given we are approaching Money In The Bank, and we have a new Hardy vignette hyped for this Friday’s SmackDown, it’s entirely possible things come to a head later this week.

Brock Lesnar’s Cloudy Future

Over time, it’s been clear that Vince McMahon loves Brock Lesnar, and Lesnar can pretty much call his shots. Now, however, things are a bit different.

We have a bit more on what is now Brock Lesnar’s cloudy future.

We haven’t seen or heard from The Beast Incarnate since he dropped his championship to Drew McIntyre at the pre-taped WrestleMania. According to the Wrestling Observer, we may not hear from him for a while.

It was noted that during a recent earnings call, Vince McMahon stated “we no longer have Brock Lesnar”. That could be an indication that Lesnar’s most recent contract has expired.

Brock Lesnar

And if not?

Beyond that, it’s purely guesswork for now. Everyone who has watched WWE in recent years knows all about Lesnar’s tendencies to work sparingly and then disappear for long stretches. 

It is entirely likely that this is what we are in the midst of now-a long stretch without Brock Lesnar. That said, the Observer did add that they feel as though Lesnar may opt to stay away until live audiences are involved again.

The challenge with that position is, well, no one really knows when fans will be allowed back live. Even when audiences are allowed, it seems unlikely that government officials would allow a full capacity crowd for any event any time soon.

We are still nearly a year away from the next WrestleMania, and in this new world, WWE officials are already working on a plan B, for a variety of reasons.

Will Brock Lesnar be brought back because of his desire to be the champion? Or will he be able to wait things out and only return in front of a live crowd?

Then again, it could also be mostly the money.

In any case, it may be a while before we see Lesnar back on WWE programming.