WWE Money In The Bank Thinking, Keeping Performance Center Clean

Money In The Bank Thinking

As we are all well aware of, nothing is normal anymore. At least, not right now, and perhaps not for a while.

Major sports have all, for the most part, shut down. If you consider WWE a major sport (and if you are reading this, you might), it’s one of the lone exceptions, sort of.

WWE has done all that it can, in order to continue to provide entertainment to its fans during this crisis.

What’s Happening With Money In The Bank?

WrestleMania happened, but was pre-recorded. With this new normal, we’ve leaned some of what WWE is thinking for Money In The Bank.

Money In The Bank is, of course, the company’s next PPV. According to reports, upcoming live events were cancelled. Some interpreted that to cover the May 10th PPV, but it may have only meant live with an audience.

As such, the Money In The Bank PPV may not air live from Baltimore, as originally planned. That does not mean that the PPV itself is cancelled.

WWE aired promos for it during both nights of WrestleMania, so it’s pretty clear the company intends to run the show, one way or another.

So what’s going on?

According to PWInsider, the company has not yet officially moved the PPV from Baltimore. Given the global pandemic, however, it seems highly unlikely that Baltimore would make sense.

Even if they chose to shoot in Baltimore, the logistics now would prove troublesome. Many states are enforcing travel restrictions. In some cases, that could mean a lengthy quarantine for out of state travelers.

If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the Money In The Bank PPV happening in May. WrestleMania proved that WWE could actually pull off a pre-recorded PPV that was entertaining enough.

It also proved that the Performance Center was a serviceable venue in times like this, so I’d bet it gets to host it’s second consecutive PPV in a month.

Keeping Performance Center Clean

Going Home Staying Home

Speaking of global pandemics and the Performance Center…how is WWE keeping the Performance Center clean?

With many concerned about the coronavirus, people should be that much more concerned about keeping things clean and sanitized.

Wrestling is no different in that respect. Considering the Performance Center has been the base of operations for WWE programming since the usual venues were otherwise closed, one has to wonder, what is WWE doing to keep it clean?

It turns out, quite a lot.

As the company seeks to return to taping this week, PWInsider details some OCD-level steps to keep things clean, and the performers safe. All done while staying within CDC requirements on gathering sizes, too.

For starters, each match is basically performed in a brand new ring. The company is swapping out basically every part of the ring that the Superstars come in contact with-ropes, turnbuckles, canvas and aprons. 

On top of that, between matches, WWE is employing UV lights and sanitizing solutions to clean the Performance Center. The company is also doing what it can to manage the exposure risks with the talent.

Superstars are being housed in a hotel and brought to the Center when needed for filming, with only those needed for that match being in the building.

WWE is doing all that it can, to ensure everyone stays safe.