Who's Pushing Austin Theory

Who’s Pushing Austin Theory

Who's Pushing Austin Theory

As of this past Monday Night RAW, it was clear that there was a new, full-time member of the RAW roster. But, who’s pushing Austin Theory?

It’s been noted in recent weeks that Paul Heyman has been instrumental in getting the young Superstar a look. Heyman’s influence was on display during WrestleMania 36 as well.

It was during the short build to WrestleMania that the main roster was introduced to Austin Theory. He was given the chance to work alongside Zelina Vega and her group.

With Andrade out due to an injury, Theory landed the opportunity of a lifetime. His number one fan lobbied and we saw Theory rapidly rise, landing on the WrestleMania card to challenge for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

So who’s pushing Austin Theory? The answer comes to us via the Wrestling Observer.

That would be none other than RAW producer Paul Heyman. The same Heyman who had played such a big part in getting Theory up on the WrestleMania card to begin with.

The rising Superstar does indeed have a big fan in such a well-placed WWE employee. It’s one of many reasons why Theory is now a member of RAW.

The big takeaway I got from the Observer’s report? This one seems to be a purely Paul Heyman call.

To me, that’s as significant as anything else. Remember several months back, it wasn’t unusual to hear or see Vince McMahon undermining a lot of what Heyman was trying to execute.

While everyone, Heyman included, acknowledges who the boss is…that Paul was able to identify someone on the NXT roster whom he liked, and was able to dictate his meteoric rise? That’s a big deal.

Could it mean that maybe, just maybe, Vince is recognizing that Heyman actually knows what he’s doing?

Cody Rhodes Names Under-Rated WWE Superstar.

cody rhodes new adviser

Cody Rhodes is an executive with All Elite Wrestling. He was, of course, a WWE Superstar too.

He knows someone who is under-rated when he sees them. In his opinion, at least per Twitter, there’s one who stands out among the rest.

Who’s this most under-rated of under-rated Superstars?

Claudio, of course, is the real first name of one Cesaro. As Rhodes even said, Cesaro is certainly highly regarded as it is.

Consider that-he’s highly regarded, and yet still under-rated. Imagine what that must mean he could be capable of with the right push?

Now, that does make you wonder…what’s Cesaro got left with WWE? Will he stick around, or is he among those waiting out his contract?

If he’s waiting out his contract, Cody Rhodes’ post to Twitter certainly would seem to make the world believe that, if or when Cesaro exits WWE…there will be a spot waiting for him in All Elite.

Could you imagine what the Swiss Superman could do with a renewed push? I do recall some times over his WWE run, where it seemed he was really gaining traction…only to see those pushes evaporate.

As much as I might not want to see him leave, Cesaro may end up being a textbook “change of scenery” guy.